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How Do You Know Meditation Is Working?

Meditating correctly and consistently can be so impactful that it could alter life’s trajectory. LearnInnerPeace is my favourite place to learn about the mind and spirit’s inner workings. According to them, life changes due to meditation have happened too often to too many people to dispute.

Then again, despite the endless proven benefits of meditation, it still might not impact some people’s lives the way they want. That’s because meditation can be tough to master.

While the mechanics behind the different meditation methods can sound simple in theory, they’re actually challenging to execute long-term.

The common factor among practices of “sitting and breathing” is the foundation of meditation. You have your work cut out for you trying to perfect that alone. Though you will get there eventually, how will you know that such a day has finally come?

Signs That Meditation Is Making a Difference in Your Life

Check for these signs to know that meditation is making an impact on your life:

1. Awareness of Your Body and of What You’re Doing

There’ll come a day when unhealthy practices that used to escape you are brought to light by meditation. Reflection has a way of making you realize that you’re slouching or your posture is poor. It also lets you see the toxicity of your attitude towards yourself and other people.

These things won’t suddenly come to you in one day; they may come slowly, one day at a time, to help you figure out a more sound and realistic plan of reformation.

Meditation is an exercise of awareness, which is what many of us lack in various aspects. We can be aware of the physical because “what’s there” is obvious to the eye. However, we may not necessarily see the impact of that “physical” on the mental and spiritual.

Thus, when your perspective starts to stretch beyond the old one to form a new and more profound viewpoint, you’ll know meditation is doing its work. It might be a long way from finishing it, but it’s definitely starting to make its mark.

2. You’ll Know Instantly You’re in a Sour Mood and Be Able To Quit the Mood

If back then you used to make your loved ones and colleagues ride your bad mood for however long it stretched, this time around you’ll realize how selfish that is and do something about it.

Most of us know if we woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The problem is not many are concerned enough to do something about it. Meditation can alter your perspective and make you realize that not only does a sour mood affect other people, it also affects you.

Being angry and negative can take so much energy out of you—the energy you’d much rather be spending enjoying life and making your loved ones happy. When meditation allows you to separate yourself from your anger, you’ll know it’s beginning to change your life.

3. Things Will No Longer Bother You So Much

When things you used to obsess or lose sleep over become inconsequential, meditation has made a difference. The early days of learning to meditate could be the exact opposite of this “zen” experience, with the slightest noise irking you to no end. Thus, you might develop doubts about the effectiveness of meditation.

Of course, you can easily flip that script in a few months when you finally get the hang of your chosen method. By then, your awareness and focus will be at a level that’s immune to external influences outside of the sounds, smells, and sights you need to meditate.

This will translate into an altered perspective on the things you find annoying. You begin to find these disturbances lacking significance and not worth your time dwelling over. That’s because meditation has taught you to compartmentalize and focus on the present, which is what’s truly important.

4. You Won’t Be Able To Go Without Meditation

When meditation and its benefits become part of your lifestyle, you’ll find time for it regardless of your schedule. That said, a day without meditation makes you crave its everyday influences in your life. The practice will become so much a part of you that even a day without it has you longing for its respite.

You’ll know meditation has become a part of your life when you schedule all the other things around it instead of the other way around. The “set and reset” option it allows is something that becomes indispensable to you moving forward.

So, Is Meditation Working for You?

It might not be right now, but give it a few weeks or months, and you could be seeing some changes to your everyday approach. Results might not come fast and furious, but that’s to be expected with a practice meant to be lifelong and not a passing fancy. The positive outcomes may be slow to surface, but they will take root and become second nature when you keep practicing.

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