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A Brief and Interesting History of Chakras


You've probably heard the word 'chakra' thrown around by friends, or perhaps in yoga class. But how much do you really know about the origin of these energy centers and how they came to be a powerful force in today's world?

If you're interested in the world of chakras, keep reading for a brief and fascinating history about the seven energy centers in our bodies.

Ancient Spiritual Traditions

The chakra system originated in India between the years 1500 and 500 BC, appearing in one of the oldest texts — the Vedas.

The Indo-European people passed down the knowledge about the chakras was through oral traditions and storytelling.

The mention of chakras as centers of energy in the human body for the first time is in the Yoga Upanishads.

Based on the ancient oral traditions, there are actually 114 chakras all over the body. All of these chakras impact your physical and emotional health. However, it is the seven main chakras along the spine that have the most powerful impact and have become increasingly important around the world.

Chakras Popularity in the West

The concept of chakras first came to the west in the 1880s. At this time it was associated with a nerve plexus. In the early 1900s, John Woodruffe began to draw attention to the seven chakras in his published book, The Serpent Power, which draws from historical Indian texts.

In the western world, and indeed much of the world, chakras have only recently become well-known. This has happened alongside the boom in yoga and spiritual philosophies.

As spiritual meditation and energy balancing becomes increasingly popular around the world, the focus has turned to the seven energy centers, or chakras, in the body.

What Are the Chakras?

'Chakra' is derived from the Sanskrit word for 'wheel' (cakra). This is a helpful image as your energy centers are thought to be spinning disks of energy. As these chakras are intrinsically connected to your nerves and organs, they influence your mental and physical wellbeing.

The seven main chakras are thought to run along your spine, each corresponding to a number, name, color, and specific physical area. For example, your root chakra, the color red, sits at the base of your spine and corresponds with grounding and stability.

These energy centers should always be opened and aligned for optimum physical and emotional wellbeing. If a chakra is 'blocked' it may cause mental or physical disease in your body.

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Understanding Your Energy Centers

A part of understanding chakras, your energy centers, is knowing where they originated and how they came to be in your life. Although a lot of the history comes from legends and myths, chakras are without a doubt an ancient spiritual knowledge.

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