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Your Aura Is a Reflection of Your Chakras

In this article, we are going to talk about how our aura is just a reflection of the chakras. But before we dive into that topic, first we need to understand what aura and chakras are. The reason is, there are more twisted explanations of these things than one can imagine. So, it is important to understand the correct meaning of these things.

What is an aura?

So, let's understand what is aura first. Aura is just a subtler manifestation of whatever we are. In yoga, it is called the pranamaya kosha or energy body. It goes beyond our physical boundary and surrounds us like a field of energy. One's physical, mental, and other states influence aura. An individual's aura depends on his or her body, mind, and energies. Just by reading aura, one's physical and mental health, his past, present, and future could be known.

Have you ever felt that while in some people's presence, you will be energetic and joyful, while in some other person's presence, you feel miserable and depleted? That's because of the aura. Other people's auras influence us greatly when we are in their presence. The nature of their aura will decide what effect they will have on us.

What are the chakras?

Now, let's understand what chakras are. According to yoga, everything in the universe is a manifestation of divine energy. This energy, known as prana, is the most fundamental energy of the universe. In our body too, this energy runs through 72,000 specified paths known as nadis. Now, there are points where these nadis meet and redistribute, these points are known as chakras.

There are 7 main chakras in the body, located from crown to perineum. There lies a huge amount of dormant energy known as kundalini in our perineum chakra known as Muladhara. If this energy rises, the chakras become fully activated. Every chakra has a distinguished quality that influences an individual.

If Muladhara Chakra is dominant in somebody, his whole life will be inclined towards food and sex. If someone's Anja Chakra is dominant, then he will have exceptional clarity towards life and immense intellectual capabilities. If Anahata Chakra is dominant, then the person will be full of love. The whole journey of a spiritual person is from Muladhara to Sahasrara Chakra.

How is aura just a reflection of the chakras?

Whether we are aware or not, these things greatly influence our beings and our lives. The unique thing about yoga is that it doesn't ask anyone to simply believe in anything. Yoga is a subjective science, and it asks to experiment and know for yourself whether these things are true or not. Unfortunately, nobody else can show these things to you, you have to work on your own.

Now, it must have been somewhat clear that aura is just a reflection of chakras. We learned that aura is just a subtler manifestation of our own being, influenced by our body, mind, and energy structures. On the other hand, we also learned that our being depends on the chakras. All chakras have distinctive qualities. Which chakra is more dominant in us determines the nature of our being. So, it is easily understood that aura is nothing but a reflection of the chakras.

The dominance of chakras determines the kind of aura we have. If a person's all chakras have become activated, he will have a massive and very influential aura. However, it will be not an aura of dominance, rather this aura gives us immense peace and restfulness. In the same way, if a person's Muladhara is dominant, his aura will have the same kind of effect on us. Thus, it is not hard to understand that aura is just a reflection of the chakras. We hope that you loved this content and knowledge. Stay tuned to dive in more such amazing topics.

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