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Daily Short Meditations Packs a Big Punch

By Angela Artemis

By now everyone agrees that a practice of daily meditation is beneficial to your emotional, mental and physical health.

Benefits of meditation
The benefits of meditating run the gamut from cultivating inner peace; increasing contentment and joy; heightened feelings of control over emotions and reactions; reducing stress levels; helping to eliminate habits such as smoking; aids in weight loss; positively affects social relationships; faster rate of healing from disease, lowering blood pressure; boosting creativity to improving confidence, just to name a few. And, studies show that it takes only twenty hours of cumulative meditation to create lasting physical changes to the brain. These changes affect how we react to stress and increase our sense of peace and contentment.

Do you have trouble meditating?
But what if you're one of those people who has trouble meditating or are too busy to meditate? How can you get the benefits of daily mediation if you have an over active mind and cannot sit still long enough?

The best way to train your mind to be still and relax is to use guided meditations
Listening to guided meditations is a bit like using training wheels to learn how to ride a bicycle. You use the training wheels until you have improved balancing on your own and then you can remove them. By listening to a soothing narrator take you step by step through a meditation you slowly, over time develop the ability to reduce your thoughts and relax enough to do the meditation on your own.

When you listen to a guided meditation your mind is engaged in following the narrator's directions and when your mind is absorbed in listening, your own rate of thinking distracting thoughts ceases. And, prolonged and cumulative time spent in relaxation is the key that triggers the benefits of meditation.

Most guided meditations are too long
The problem beginning students of meditation encounter when using prerecorded meditations is that they find them to be too lengthy. It's difficult for busy people to make time to meditate as it is. Most guided meditations are twenty to forty minutes in length and this say beginners, is too long. The danger of using long meditations is that the student will give up too soon before the benefits kick in due to lack of time to listen to the long recordings.

Use a recorded meditation that is the right length
One way to overcome this problem is to use a guided meditation system specifically designed for the beginner such as the ReAwakening Meditation Program. The Re-Awakening was created for the beginner or busy person in mind. The longest meditation is twelve minutes with most averaging around nine minutes. Plus, the entire system takes just 16 days to complete. Studies have shown that just five minutes of deep relaxation can positively affect stress levels and lower blood pressure. So, with that in mind the Re-Awakening system was created.

Are you too busy to meditate?
It's quite challenging for someone who has trouble sitting still or is too busy to make time for long daily meditations to begin by meditating for twenty minutes or longer on day one. That's why the Re-Awakening guided meditations are short. But don't let short fool you; they may be short but they are powerful!

The Re-Awakening guided meditations were created to address every need from boosting health benefits through relaxation, getting the answers you need to problems in your life to increasing your powers of intuition. Here's a list of the ten meditations you receive and a short description of each one:

  1. Base Level Relaxation. Guided meditation to help you enter a deep relaxation.
  2. Pre Birth Guided Meditation. Guided meditation to help you connect to the wisdom of your "higher self."
  3. You Are the Energy of The World. Guided meditation to reawaken your sense of oneness with the all life.
  4. The Secret Place. Guided meditation to help you connect to your own intuitive guidance.
  5. Meeting Your Future Self. Guided meditation that allows you to receive advice from your "future self."
  6. Cleansing Your Spirit. Guided meditation to help you release negative >thought forms.
  7. Opening the Chakras. Guided meditation to open and balance the natural energy vortexes of the body.
  8. Healing Light. Guided meditation to bring healing energy and vitality to your body.
  9. Protecting Your Energy. Guided meditation to protect your energy from all negativity.

Sending Out Your Intentions
Guided meditation to help you manifest your desires. And, the meditations are recorded by both a female narrator and a male narrator to give you a choice to listen to the one you find most soothing and relaxing.

The ReAwakening Meditation Program comes with an instruction manual which is your step by step guide to developing your meditation practice from day one through completion on day sixteen, a workbook to record your progress, three eBooks written specifically to go along with the program and four bonuses too.

Free valuable bonuses
The four high value bonuses included are an interview with NY Times Best-selling author Peggy McCall on manifesting your desires, Interviews with numerous coaches on how to achieve your goals, a box set of video meditations and a complete set of binaural beats which are known to synchronize the brain hemispheres and help induce various positive states of mind.

Three companion eBooks
The eBooks "Guided Meditation," "The Power of Silence," and "The Miracle of the Heart," introduce you to the power of meditation. Guided meditation is an overview of the benefits of developing a daily meditation practice. The Power of Silence explains the miraculous transformative power of retreating into silence. The Miracle of the Heart shows you how meditation increases your ability to love and thereby changes you and positively affects your relationships.

Re-Awaken to the power of meditation in just 16 days
The ReAwakening Meditation Program is truly a comprehensive meditation training system created specifically for the beginner, those who find meditating difficult and the busy person. In less than fifteen minutes a day over sixteen short days you can create lasting changes to your life with the positive benefits of meditation. Why not give it a try?

Fifteen minutes a day is all you need
There's no reason to site and meditate for hours and hours when all the benefits can be gained in less than fifteen minutes a day. Don't pass up the incredible power that meditating brings to your life because you don't have time. Try the ReAwakening Meditation Program and take back control over your life in just 16 days. Your life will never be the same again, in fact, it will be better than ever!

Angela Artemis, a meditation instructor and intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to "speak intuition" by teaching them to meditate. Meditation unlocks all the brilliant potential that resides within and leads to successfully living the life of your dreams. Angela writes for and is a best-selling author. Her newest book is, "The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of."

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