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Create The Life You Want

By Tracy Webb

Life for many people has become critical, judgmental, a power struggle, a need to survive, chasing money and never having enough. Our ego makes demands and comes up with endless lists of things for us to be, do or have, it is never satisfied! We always want more. When we see someone else who appears to have more than us we become disappointed and feel like we have failed in some way. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Things are starting to change and more people are starting to wonder whether there is more to life than consumerism and appeasing the ego. This is true both emotionally and for our physical health. More people are reluctant to just take pills to make them feel better, a new understanding is coming through where people are seeking alternatives and being responsible for their health.

When we understand the Spiritual Concepts and live within them, life becomes much more interesting and fulfilling. We feel Oneness and love for everyone, Compassion and Trust. We let go of our ego and desires and listen to our intuition and we understand that there is no separation between us and anyone or anything else.

On an energetic level, everything that exists, when scaled down far enough is just empty space. My empty space is no different from the empty space of anything else. Where does your empty space stop and mine start? The answer is - it doesn't!

Everything is made up of the same 'stuff'. We are all connected and we all affect each other on some level. Moving this on further, each vibration resonates to a certain frequency - similar frequencies will be drawn to you, some you will like and some you will deny and dislike. This is how we draw all our experiences and lessons' or 'tests' to help us see the truth behind them. Like attracts like.

Each and every day we are being given valuable experiences to help us decide how to respond to our experiences. Do we react angrily or do we respond with love and understanding? Every perceived hurdle is a chance for us to learn and 'be' whatever we choose to be in relation to that experience. Will you use the opportunity in awareness or will the next challenge become just another of life's many problems that you have to face, and add to your already high stress levels?

Every choice or decision we make affects the vibration we are resonating and then draws new experiences to us. If we keep sending out the same message we will keep having the same experiences. So every thought and action we make says something about us and puts forth a definition of us to the outside world. All of these thoughts and feelings resonate at different frequencies and depending on what thoughts you put out will depend on which frequencies attach to them and then defines your experience. The way we respond to these experiences defines who you are at that moment.

In this way our outer world is an exact reflection of our inner world. The universe is a gigantic mirror and everything is a reflection. When we understand this we can start to understand ourselves more. The Universe arranges itself to reflect your reality. Is your life peaceful or chaotic and how does it affect you? It may be chaotic but you respond to it with ease or discomfort. Our perception changes our experience.

Whatever you expect to see or happen will. Life has no meaning except that which you give it. Depending on your motivation and purpose - this will affect how you perceive any given experience. We have all been conditioned to blame others - now it is time for us to take individual responsibility for our lives. Until you change the thought you will constantly have your belief reaffirmed over and over again until you realize or notice the patterns in your life that you perpetuate.

To change the outer we must first change the inner. Make peace with yourself; take time to relax and most of all take time to listen to your intuition through meditation. Life races by and most of us miss the subtle changes in surroundings and many of us fail to listen to our instincts. Stopping to meditate for even fifteen minutes a day you will start to raise your awareness of your surroundings and feelings. This will then enable you to bring your three aspects into harmony - the mind, the body and the spirit.

We are three-part beings, but we deny certain aspects of ourselves. The body is our carriage for this life and when we look after it, it functions to its optimum ability. However, if we become obsessed with our outer shell and what it looks like, we over eat or starve ourselves, resort to plastic surgery and have a low self-image. Bringing this into balance has an all over beneficial affect. The mind has become our identity with many people believing that they are their minds and has been caught up with its demands, fears and criticism. The noisy mind churns out thought after unconscious thought leaving no room for us to hear our spirit side.

The spirit presence is blocked out by the 'noisy child' that is our mind / ego. This is why meditation is so important and beneficial. It stops the noise and allows us to listen for the spirit essence of ourselves. This is the part that is denied the most, people tend to disbelieve that their spiritual self exists. It not tangible and cannot be logically understood - knowing and feeling just aren't enough for some people.

By accepting all three as part of the whole, we can balance our lives and bring harmony and peace to our daily experiences. We will respond instead of react. We only react because we think there is something to defend - our fragile egos. Although, life carries on and our outer circumstances, perceived problems and other events out of our control will continue to happen. The difference will be your ability to accept these events and respond to them from a calm and centered place.

There is usually resistance from the mind when you first embark on meditation and relaxation techniques; it is its way of hanging on to the old and familiar because of the fear and uncertainty that change brings. By staying the same you continue to invite the same energy into your life when you are really yearning for a new experiences. You effectively block the energy and resist change. Everything changes; it is the nature of the universe. There is nothing more certain than change - it always has and always will occur. Nothing ever stays the same. Is it best to accept change or fight it all the way?

When you become more accepting of other people and of change you gain new insights. Instead of blaming others for your feelings you can look at situations objectively and ask:

  • Why have I found myself in this experience?
  • What am I doing to attract this vibration into my life?
  • How am I going to experience this situation - with humility and understanding or with anger and fear?

In this way we accept responsibility and look within for our answers. Life is showing us everything we need to know at any given moment. We are either too busy or too skeptical to notice. When we slow down and still our minds we are more open to receive guidance and see the signs.

Life is an exciting adventure filled with fun, sorrow and change. Align yourself with the Natural laws of the Universe and you will be amazed by the changes and not afraid of them....

  1. Thought is creative
  2. Like attracts like energy
  3. Love is all there is
Be happy!

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