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Self-Realization Means a Healthy Horse and Carriage

By Kris Raphael

As humans, we have both spiritual aspects of self and body-mind aspects of self. We need a clear, healthy and strong tonal to move through life. Many on a spiritual path are frustrated when life does not go the way they would like. They lack dominion (not the same as domination) in their world. Lack of dominion comes from lack of personal power.

The human body-mind is like a horse and carriage. The carriage is our physical body. The horse is our emotional body and the driver is our mental body. If our carriage is broken, we will not be able to move. If our horse is weak, we will not have the power to move us through life. If our driver has false beliefs and concepts, we will continually go the wrong direction.

In today's society, many have a keen driver (mental body), but a weak horse (emotional body). They have great ideas but their daily life is a mess. They live in lack, have difficulty in relationships and are unable to bring their spirituality fully into their daily lives. Without a healed, strong emotional body, we have no personal power. Without personal power, we are unable to grow and evolve on our path. Many people continually try to point their carriage in the direction they want to go, but never seem to be able to get there. Their driver neglects their horse. The horse starves and is sick and weak.

There are others that have a horse run wild. Their emotional body runs their lives and they are unable to maintain any direction. Their horse is running the show and overrides the driver.

In addition, there are others who let their carriage go to waste. They do not give it the care and attention needed to stay strong, fit and in good health.

All three aspects of the body-mind are necessary to be effective in life and on a spiritual path.

However, there is still something missing. The horse and carriage metaphor is sometimes used by schools of knowledge, but they often leave out a critical piece - the passenger. The passenger is our Essential Self. The Essential Self belongs to our spiritual aspect. It is an extension of the Dreamer. It carries our purpose and meaning for coming into body (climbing aboard the carriage).

A Self-Realized human is one who lives in alignment to the Essential Self. The driver (mental body), horse (emotional body) and carriage (physical body) are all in accord to follow directions (alignment) to the passenger (the Essential Self).

To be Self-Realized means that all aspects of the body-mind self (mental - thoughts, emotional - feelings, and physical - actions), are in alignment to the Essential Self. If the mental is clogged with inventory, we will go astray. If the emotional body is wounded, we will not have the personal power necessary. Moreover, if our physical body is sick, it will detrimentally override all other bodies.

To be Self-Realized our body-mind aspects must not only be fully aligned to our spiritual aspects, but our body-mind must be clean, clear, healed and strong.

Kristopher Raphael is Co-Founder of The Toltec Mystery School. First brought out of secrecy and into awareness by Carlos Castaneda through stories of his interactions with the nagual don Juan Matus, powerful Toltec teachings are now accessible to sincere seekers of personal transformation and evolution.

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