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You Are An Original

By Edward Kesgen

In all the world, there is only one You, unique in every way.

"Unique" is one of those words that frequently loses its impact because it is tossed about in common conversation without much thought to its literal meaning. We routinely dismiss this element of speech as overstatement or hyperbole. Recognizing the reality that each of us is truly unique requires effort. For a moment consider this...

If it were not for the union of your mom and dad, you would not be here. Even as you have parents, realize that your mom and dad also had parents. I know... such a blinding glimpse of the obvious! Your own lineage continues incomprehensibly back through your family tree, each forebear being the unique product of a man and woman who came before her. Somewhere along the line you will no doubt lose the thread, since few of us are fortunate enough to know anything about our far distant ancestors.

However, it is a fact that you had relatives somewhere on the face of this planet at any point in human history—at the time the Wright brothers proved humans could fly in a heavier-than-air machine by slipping the bonds of gravity at Kitty Hawk, and when William Shakespeare crafted plays that endure today as artistic masterpieces in the written word as well as on stage and screen. Ancient forebears of yours were laughing, living and loving when Ludwig van Beethoven composed the immortal movements of his beautiful Ninth Symphony; and when Michelangelo dazzled the world with his brilliance as he, while lying on his back atop a rickety wooden scaffold, painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

You had flesh and blood ancestors present during the height of influence, power and brutality of the Roman Empire. You had kin somewhere on Earth when the great pharaohs in Egypt were worshipped as gods, and even tens of thousands of years before that when primitive humans first banded together to establish tribal enclaves for mutual support and security.

Paupers and princes, bishops and brigands, scholars and slaves, heroes and hoodlums—these people are your personal heritage. Without any one of them, you would not be here!

In other words, if we possessed the technical know-how, we could trace your lineage all the way back to the beginning of time, as we understand it. Your family history began when life itself began.

You are so special, so unique, that to make another you would take another Creation! So rejoice in this awareness. Much more profound than the upsets and the mishaps that come along during our daily routine is the reality that we are unique in all that there is.

It is a fact that all events in human history have unfolded as a backdrop to your reading these words at this very moment! Everything that has transpired before is like a giant mural or billboard stretching out to infinity behind you. This extraordinary, awesome moment in time is yours in which to immerse yourself.

Your presence is important in the universal plan, because the role you are now playing has never been plaid before! You are not a machine-made photocopy or a clone. You are an original! Celebrate the unique individual that is you. And always... Be yourself—because everyone else is already taken!

The late Ed Kesgen was an acclaimed professional speaker, seminar facilitator, retired university professor, former therapist and US Naval Officer. He is engaged in spreading a message of joy, hope and optimism through a variety of appearances across the country. Download a free sample of his inspirational book, "To Carlie, With Love, From Grandad" - from which the above article was excerpted.

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