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The Tell-tale Signs of a Dark Night of the Soul

For our consciousnesses to evolve, it’s a given that we will have to go through trauma and difficult periods of transition.

Our old frequencies often experience states of crises in order to prompt us to evolve them, and as our frequencies bend and buckle to adjust to a new cosmic flow, our lives can often be temporarily thrown into turmoil.

A dark night of the soul is the collective term for these experiences, during which you might start to doubt nearly everything you thought you knew was true. Some may fall into existential crises – but if you are able to make it through the night and shed the old energies that have been weighing you down, spiritual growth and happiness might well await you on the other side. Here are 6 signs that you might be experiencing a dark night of the soul.

#1: You are Experiencing ‘Ego Death’

In a period of ego death, your sense of reality is shaken up to a considerable degree. You are beginning to understand that many aspects of your ego are simply an illusion, and you feel as though you are busy letting your attachments go as well. Essentially, you are during a period of spiritual re-identification and re-organization in which your views of yourself and the world could be changed forever.

#2: You Feel Alone – and Not Alone

Many wise men have been firm on their belief that if you are able to be alone, you are able to love. Only those who are able to be alone are truly capable of sharing and of exploring the deepest inner cores of another person, without becoming dependant or forming addictions or attachments.

You might feel alone during your dark night of the soul, but you may also come to find that when you are in solitude, many things are made clearer and you feel more connected as well. You might realize just how important meditation and solitude are for your soul, leading you to value being alone and enjoy silence more than you ever thought possible.

#3: You Have Come to Terms with Mortality

During a dark night of the soul, you will become extremely introspective, and the weight of time itself might feel suffocating at times. However, you are also starting to learn how to see the other side of the coin; that is, that our fleeting time here can also be very empowering.

You will start to appreciate the passing of time and seasons far more, including the nostalgia of the past, the contemplation of the present, and the forbearing of what is yet to come. All of this is a projection of your third eye based on the invaluable nature of mortality, and how it gives meaning to life that immortality would never be able to deliver.

#4: Your Life’s Purpose Has Changed Direction

You might be starting to realize that your life has no intrinsic meaning – so essentially, it means whatever you want it to mean. This is a massive responsibility for anyone to handle, and can obviously lead to an existential crisis in some cases.

Suddenly, you alone are tasked with bringing meaning to something that has none, and it’s up to you alone to write your own story with the time you have on earth. Life is also unpredictable – much like a game of online blackjack – but ultimately, it is your responsibility to embrace this and move with whatever may come your way.

#5: You Have Realized the Importance of Freedom

When the ego is ruling one’s mind, they tend to live and dwell in the past instead of taking hold of the future. However, if you’re undergoing a dark night of the soul, you will begin to understand just how paramount freedom is, although breaking free of the past is anything but easy.

Freedom is something to be practised, and not something that is tied to who we are. It takes determination, effort and hard work to achieve, and in most cases there are many people standing in the way and trying to force you to live by their rules as well. Either way, you will start to see how inert humans that have unquestioningly integrated into society have escaped the ‘burden’ of freedom to instead embrace preoccupation and never-ending worry.

#6: You’re Reassessing Your Worldview

Chances are you have already experienced anomie, a condition that arises from a lack of social ethics and traditional morality in your own culture. You have come to terms with this challenging condition and are in the process of letting it go in a bid to establish your own values instead. Essentially, your old view of the world has been replaced by a new one that has arisen through the death of your ego and your soul’s actualization.

During this difficult period of cognitive dissonance, you might also feel as though your life and your understanding of existence have been plunged into chaos and everything rests on the roll of a dice. Perhaps you yourself have also ‘fallen apart’, so to speak. However, your dark night of the soul will allow you to realize that healthy catatonia is possible, and that eventually, you will come back together again stronger than ever.

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