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How XLN Can Contribute to
an Effective Executive Coaching

Executive Leadership Network

A recent study revealed that half of all of the white-collar employees are putting up fifty or more hours in a week in their job. This means that on an average, these people tend to make about 400 million business trips in one year. With the fast-paced environment of today’s world, CEOs and other executives need to be updated also with their skillsets. This is why network expansion is very important, and XLN is one of those where a CEO might want to consider to be connected with.

It is undeniable that there are endless issues to deal with on a daily basis which makes us wonder how these executives are keeping their focus when it comes to the strategic direction of the organization. This is even intensified by the increasing expectation of doing more with ever less.

With all of these pressures, it is sometimes unavoidable to remain a high-performer when being put up against such high expectations and pressures in a rocket-paced environment. This is why executive coaching has really become a very effective tool in answering the need of these executives by helping them putting to pieces all of these issues and pressures without compromising their quality of work thereby remaining to be competitive, without sacrificing their own work-life balance.

What makes executive coaching a very commendable tool is that it helps the executives and corporate leaders to stay on track by giving them the motivation and the strength training of sports coaching. With this strength training, this takes on brand new meaning on executive coaching. This gives the possibility of translating into aiding executives in identifying their own strengths and weaknesses in order for them to efficiently go through the endless tasks of their day and then eventually gain their own level of personal mastery. Thus, in a nutshell, executive coaching is a very effective mechanism of helping these executives to become more productive.

Another great feature of executive coaching is that this also helps executives in dealing with time management issues in order for them to prioritize work strategically. This means that with executive coaching the executive will now become proactive instead of being reactive. So, when it comes to crisis situations, they are now being kept to a bare minimum.

Benefits of Executive Coaching with XLN

#1 The Executive Acquires a Heightened Self-Awareness
Becoming self-aware is one of the main areas that an executive wants to achieve. The underlying reason for this is because when an executive is self-aware, they possess a catalyst for growth. In the absence of realization, people will tend to blindly continue doing things the same way as they are doing it traditionally.

You can try to think about going through life in certain situations, people, or thoughts that trigger responsive emotion in you and you are just unaware of all of them. So, you will not know how you can respond to it, or you just let it be. But by becoming more self-aware, you tend to become emotionally intelligent making you possess the ability to regulate your feelings much easier.

#2 The Executive Acquires an Improvement in Self-Regulation
The awareness of one’s emotion most of the time brings the discipline of controlling one’s emotion. At the very least of this, the task of self-regulation is now becoming more achievable. So, if you imagine yourself in a situation at work where you will have to supervise a new employee and then you face feelings of inferiority yet you are not self-aware about what you are feeling, then what you are going to feel is just going to be discomfort, edgy, or uneasy as you deal with such person. This is why self-awareness is really the first step in regulating your emotions and then handling the situation with finesse. For those people who have high emotional intelligence, they are in possession of better self-regulation skills. So, as your coach directs you along a path of increased self-control, surely you will also be able to notice a heightened self-management in your professional life as well.

Thus, as you gain to have more control over every aspect of your professional life, you will also be able to see improvements in time management, organization and most importantly, with work-life balance.

#3 The Executive Acquires a Higher Level of Empathy
Empathy is the ability to allow a person to feel how another person is feeling. You encounter this when someone empathizes with a problem that you have, and you also feel it. This is a very powerful tonic, as this soothes the soul of the person receiving your empathy. Having empathy will lead you to grasp a better understanding of the emotion of the other person thereby enhancing the interactions with business colleagues and subordinates as this will naturally follow.

Moreover, there will also be a lot of people who are also going to be led by you and will be seeking your counsel. Thus, it is really critical for you to become empathetic as this is one of the traits that a great leader possesses.

#4 The Executive Acquires a Boost in Cognition at the Workplace
When you are going to broaden your mind in just one area, chances are, the tendency is going to be for the expansion overflow of all of the other areas also. The main ingredient of emotional intelligence is that you are able to look into a situation using other people’s perspectives, thus empathizing with them. When such a situation happens, your eyes are going to be opened up to a new viewpoint on a number of situations. So, this means that what is in now is by having a flexible mindset as compared to rigid thinking. So as you exercise your brain, you will also be boosting cognition which going to be beneficial in a lot of ways.

#5 The Executive Acquires an Increased Motivation
When you start to see success, it is a natural response that you are going to be having increased levels of motivation. So as you begin with becoming self-aware, you will then be able to discover the inherent motivation, and by having the right self-regulation, you are now going to be channeling the motivation in the right direction.

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