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What You Can Learn About Leadership From Martial Arts

By Jason Maine

No one is born a leader. It takes time, practice, to hone the skills one needs to be a truly good leader. There are many great sports and other social activities like clubs that can help develop a leader. The likes of martial arts can incorporate these skills as well, in addition to giving you a chance to demonstrate them.

In the following sections, we touch on just how much you can learn about leadership through martial arts.

Anyone who ever wants to step into a leadership role must understand that it is not always smooth sailing. Being a leader means you deal with the bad as well as the good. More so, leaders feel far greater an impact when faced with challenges, especially if they fail.

Practitioners of martial arts will find their perseverance tested each time they train or participate in a match. Learning new techniques and moves can be strenuous, just as much as facing a sparring opponent that's technically better.

It takes a great deal of determination to continue to get up each time you fall, to push through the pain and losses to try again until you succeed. A good leader is persistent in the face of any challenge.

Just as with perseverance, discipline is an important facet in a leadership role. An undisciplined person makes for a negligent leader. The moment you take on your first training in martial arts, you understand how important discipline is.

Martial arts help you gain a greater control of your reactions to the events around you. You maintain a cool head under pressure, not falling victim to the negative effects of adrenalin. The arts also teach you how to diffuse situations, something anyone in a leadership position should understand well. Discipline helps you manage anything with a greater amount of control.

To be a leader, you have to show confidence in your own abilities. If you are not sure of what you're doing, who's going to have enough trust in you to follow you? 
 The act of developing solid confidence is not easy, mind you. There are times when a situation can rock your morale, shaking away any belief. Martial arts can help firm confidence so you walk away with more self-assurance than before.

As we previously mentioned, martial arts teach us better self-control. In turn, we become more comfortable with who we are and what we're capable of. The arts help develop a certainty within ourselves that we can break jump over any hurdle.

Applying These Skills
A great thing about martial arts is that it gives you an outlet to actually test your leadership skills. When you train in the arts, there will be others looking to you for guidance, especially if you have been training long.

In a sparring match, for example, you want to improve just as much as you want your partner to improve. Encouraging others, helping them when need-be, are good steps at seeing just how well you are improving in the leadership category.

Becoming a good leader will take some time, there's no denying that. However, through martial arts, you can gain those needed skills in a supporting environment.

Jason Maine is the founder of FullContactWay, a blog dedicated to provide best martial arts advice and information. Jason helps his readers with martial arts training by sharing personal tips and thorough research. Check out to get more about Jason’s work. You can find him on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

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