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Leadership and Learning are
Indispensable to Each Other

leadership and learning

By Julia Anthony

One cannot ignore the important relationship between learning and leadership. Leadership and learning both are vital to each other as they believe in having a continuous relationship. As an educator, we all are aware of the significance of continuous learning. We know that all our students are constantly learning either through the lessons, peer interactions or the time that is spent online. It is same for the leaders as well, one cannot expect them to be well versed in every aspect, and there is always a room for learning. They are learning on a daily basis from their students and peers also teach them, along with that, the articles and the headlines also educate them regularly. Law Assignment Writing Online is the best platform for the leaders to learn regularly, as this platform provides the best opportunities for the leaders and the students to learn continuously.

Nevertheless, we all are also aware of the fact that taking out time for learning often becomes difficult for the leaders as they are already too occupied in their daily duties. The leaders are usually consumed by more external matters rather than working on their own personal development. The personal development for the leaders is mainly termed as their improved wellbeing, the culture of the school, preparations for the next inspection and along with that ensuring that the overall team is aligned and working to achieve the main objective of the organisation.

While an individual is in the leadership position, it is easier for them to feel accomplished and think that they are well versed and do not need to learn anything new. Self-confidence is the main element to become a leader; however, the overconfidence often leads a leader towards their destruction. There must be a stable balance between the confidence and self-confidence of a leader. It is often seen that the leaders believe that their team members are more in need of the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sections and they do not need such training as they assume that them being a leader is enough now and there is no room left for more learning which is the wrong concept. One can never claim that he knows everything, and there is always room for learning. The subjected quote, therefore, was introduced to change the perception of people and the leaders themselves regarding learning. Learning is the most important part of leadership as it allows the leader to retain their position and perform better. Moreover, the quite is basically the reminder for an individual who has reached this position that to do well in life and in career, one must continue learning new things. There are a few ways that the leaders can follow in order to keep their learning journey going.


It is important for the leaders to make time for their own CPD. However, it may be difficult for them to manage the time for their team members and take part in their professional development. But it is important for the leaders to lead by example and as it helps the team member realise the importance of learning, and they embark on the learning journey with their leaders. The leaders who take their team members with them throughout their journey are the most successful ones.

Nevertheless, CPD further sets a certain time, particularly for you to learn and establish new skills, and it may sound selfish right now, but trust me, it has many benefits in the long run. The newly learned skill means that you will not only be able to lead your team better, but you will also help them grow and develop too. Therefore, it is hugely recommended for the leaders not to let go of their student phase and always be eager to learn new things as it is not only beneficial for them, but it is beneficial for their team members too. 


It is important for the leaders to evaluate and analyse their performance, it helps them in identifying their mistakes and observing the areas where they are lacking. Whether it is the self-evaluation or the evaluation done by your peers, the feedback that you are given will help you in growing and developing yourself. The most important thing while being evaluated is to have an honest and clear response. As when the leaders are told that everything that they are doing is right, then it leaves no room for them to improve themselves and then the overall purpose of the evaluation is irrelevant. Having said that, it should be noticed that the leaders are not perfect, too; they should also be given a margin to make mistakes too. You cannot expect them to be right 24/7, as they are also learning from their experiences and will continue to do so. The feedback from the colleagues and even from the subordinates help them learn better and move forward on the better pace. Thus, it is also recommended to them to get hem analysed so that their flaws can be observed and they can later fix them too.


The industry of education has substantially gained popularity in the past few years, and it will not be wrong if it is said that it is one of the fasted paced industry today. It helps in the constant establishment of the society in terms of technology, views and the culture. As a leader or a teacher, we may feel that we are aware of all the technicalities of everything since we have been working in this field for a lot of time. But it is more likely that your team members or your students are more aware of the current technology and the current technicalities that are needed to run the organisation or the school. Therefore, it is stated that learning is never an outdated idea; one should always be ready to learn something new regardless of their age or their position.

Author Bio
Julia Anthony has been working with the MyAssignmentHelp UK Online for the past few years, and she has an MBA in Supply Chain and currently is enrolled in Masters in English Literature.

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