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Stop Procrastinating and Take Action:
7 Tips to Help You Do That

Now or Later

By Samuel Jefferson

More or less everyone is familiar with the feeling of procrastination. That dreaded feeling that can cause stress, overwhelm and loss of motivation. Successful people in their fields typically share one thing in common. They don’t procrastinate! At least not on the things that matter. So let’s get over that dreaded feeling and stop procrastinating shall we?

7 Tips to Stop Procrastinating:

  1. get awayGet away from all other distractions
    There are so many distractions around us and it can be a real challenge to focus. If you need to do a task that is inside your computer, or some paperwork on your desk, you may find that having too many things around your working area can be really distracting. Try to eliminate those distractions and move unnecessary items to a different location. If you are using the Internet to research something for the task that you need to complete, then close all the other irrelevant tabs in your Internet browser and only focus on the information that you need to find.
  2. Breaking the task down
    Breaking the task down to smaller chunks can really help with the feeling of overwhelm that usually comes up with procrastination. Creating a to-do list and crossing things off that list is a great way to do it and also gives you that amazing aftereffect of having actually achieved something in your day. Don’t let it get over your head though! There is still more work to be done.
  3. do itCreate a non-procrastinating habit
    A lot of the times, the things that we need to get done are recurring tasks that are required to be done more than once and in frequent intervals.

    When you start doing the task on a consistent basis and better yet, if you always do it at a similar time of the day, then you condition your mind to pick up the habit of doing it. You will then condition yourself to be able to do the specific task, without the feeling of dread that was there before. This might not work for every task that you need to do and procrastinate for, but it can at least help with the specific task.

  4. self-awareBecome self-aware
    You need to become aware of your thoughts and catch them as soon as they come to the surface. When you catch yourself making an excuse like: “It’s too difficult”, “It can wait until tomorrow”, “I’ll do it in a while”, then stop the thought immediately. Don’t waste time imagining all those negative things or the cycle of procrastination will start and you will soon find yourself skipping it for another time.
  5. Give yourself a willpower challenge!
    Because sometimes we need to challenge ourselves in order to move forward. Link the task that you need to do with a greater motive and goal. For example, if you need to exercise, but you are too lazy to do so, just link this exercise routine to your greater goal of getting fit and looking attractive. If you need to write that assignment for college, just link it to the fact that you are getting closer to end of your studies. I am sure you can link the task in front of you with a greater goal that holds much more significance than the seemingly mundane task in front of you right now. If you do so, then the obstacles in front of you will vanish.
  6. Set deadlines
    That’s easier said than done, especially if you don’t really have any deadlines drawing near, or consequences to fall upon you if you don’t act. Setting a deadline for each task and following through will help you build discipline and willpower and the “last minute panic” effect always helps if you wait until the last minute to do it (not that I encourage you to do so). If you set the deadlines yourself and leave it until the last minute, then it won’t exactly feel as bad as last minute panic feels, but it can have almost the same positive effect to motivate you and get you working on that task.
  7. just startJust start the work!
    This might look like a redundant or ridiculous advice, but this is something that needs to be said. It’s not so much about actually completing the task than it is to actually start doing it! How much time do we waste thinking about how bad we feel about doing it and imagine all the things that need to be done and get unmotivated?  

Once we actually start doing the task at hand, then we slowly find the will to go through the task. Whether it is opening that book, researching that topic, starting that exercise, writing the first word, the task starts to get done. How many times have you wasted your time fearing of even starting the work you needed to do and when you started it you found out that it was not that bad after all?

Be a harsh judge of yourself when you catch yourself procrastinating on important tasks. To create a better tomorrow you need to take action now! In fact you shouldn’t even be reading this now, you should be doing what you have been putting off for a while…

Author’s Bio:
Samuel Jefferson (“Love is all”) is a professional writer, blogger, marketing coach. “For the last 4 years I’ve been a self-development writer, but my love to provide quality information started from graduation from college when I started writing for channel blogs. My best ideas are performed easily with online-writing’s service UK.PapersOwl that I used whilst in college, but for now I practice using it all the time.”

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