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Working Most Effectively with
the Controller Personality Type


By Samuel Jefferson

To work most effectively with the Controller, be prepared to show how you ideas can get the results that he or she is looking for. Discover common objectives and goals and find ways to support these and assist with obtaining the results desired.

Do not waste time with small talk or building report. Keep the relationship business-like. It is not necessary to build a personal relationship unless that is obviously the desire of the Controller. Plan to ask questions about specific details and stick to the “what, why or when” areas.

How to Agree with the Controller Personality Type

If you agree with the position of the Controller, support the results desired rather than supporting the Controller personally. Personal support is not important to them, but support of ideas, objectives, and goals is important.

Indicate those things that you can do to achieve the objectives.

How to Disagree with the Controller Personality Type

If you disagree with the Controller, disagree with the facts not the person. Avoid personal criticisms. Make you position very clear and base it on facts, logic, and avoid emotions, feelings, and philosophy. Try to present options to the Controller so that they can make the decision.

When you do disagree, argue facts and be sure to go toe-to-toe with them without over-dominating.

Situational Leadership in Dealing with the Controller

The Controller personality type is very dominant, especially when dealing with the Analyst and Supporter leadership personality types. Dominance respects dominance so when dealing with a Controller in a situation where they are authoritative, be sure to stand your ground and show confidence.

controllerThe Controller is fast-paced and always ready to make a decision to move forward, so be precise, efficient, time-disciplined, and well-organized with your communications.

When giving recognition, recognize their ideas rather than recognizing them personally. They are more fulfilled by boasting their accomplishments and achievements rather than themselves directly.

Keywords for Use with the Controller Leadership Type

  • Performance
  • Results
  • Bottom line
  • Target
  • Professionalism
  • Competent
  • Impact
  • Incisive
  • Relentless
  • Time is Money
Author’s Bio:
Samuel Jefferson (“Love is all”) is a professional writer, blogger, marketing coach. “For the last 4 years I’ve been a self-development writer, but my love to provide quality information started from graduation from college when I started writing for channel blogs. My best ideas are performed easily with online-writing’s service UK.PapersOwl that I used whilst in college, but for now I practice using it all the time.”

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