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7 Hot University Specialties to Enter
to Become a Great Leader


By Michael Gorman

Getting a university degree nowadays is pretty much mandatory if you are interested in having a long and fruitful career and life you have always dreamed of, and that’s not going to change any time soon, especially with companies looking for candidates with a master’s degree for positions where a bachelor’s degree used to be enough. And things are more complicated if you are ambitious and interested in becoming an example for others, becoming a leader.

Being a great leader requires a lot more than having a degree and the knowledge in your industry. Even if you have years of experience in a particular field, that doesn’t mean that you are cut out to be a leader that people will want to follow. But some degrees will get you there faster, there is no doubt about it. Although most people would think that in order to become a leader, one has to get a business degree, it does not necessarily mean that business graduates make the best leaders.

According to research, which involved 15,000 leaders and 300 companies in 18 countries, humanities graduates have shown better leadership skills in several areas, especially when compared to business graduates. So, does that mean you should pursue a degree in humanities at all costs? No, there are still plenty of other great options, which we will look into in this article, including both business and humanities.

1. Business

It may be predictable but getting a degree in business is still one of the best paths you can take in life if you are interested in becoming a leader or an CEO of a successful company. It is still the most popular degree of them all, according to National Center for Education statistics. Over the course of your college education, you will learn all the nuts and bolts of how businesses work and gain skills and knowledge on how to apply everything in real life. You will be ahead of all other degrees when it comes to knowledge of finance, looking at a larger business picture, and making strategic decisions that will affect the future of the company.

According to Terry Hall, who is a manager for AustralianWritings, getting a degree in business has enabled him to build his company and to remain prepared for whatever challenges they may face in the future.

2. Finance and Accounting

In order to become successful, every business needs to become profitable eventually. Being able to crunch the numbers is just as important as knowing how to inspire others, which is why getting a degree in accounting and finance will set you up to become a capable leader. Although you will acquire similar knowledge and skills as you would if you were pursuing a degree in business, accounting and finance is more focused on money itself, which is not a surprise.

While you may miss out on some of the stuff that other disciplines might provide you with, such as humanities, keep in in that every company ultimately needs to look at their bottom line, and that’s where you come in to lead the way. Much like a writer needs to have firm grasp on grammar and style in order to become a lab report writer, a leader needs to make sure that the company makes money.

3. Economics

Getting an economics degree is yet another great option at your disposal if you are looking to become a great leader, because it covers pretty much every single aspect of how the world around you works, at least when it comes to finance and business. Just like politics, economics is something that we are affected by every day, even if we are not aware of it. Once you have a received your degree in economics, you will have a deeper understanding of how the market works and what sort of products and services are in demand and which might be in the future, which factors determine the standard of living, why some items are more expensive than others, and so on. This sort of awareness is crucial for every leader.

4. Humanities

Although humanities and liberal arts get a bad reputation when it comes to future employment, especially in a world which seems to be very tech-oriented, the truth is that graduates with a degree in humanities are more likely to end up as CEOs than their peers which have chosen to pursue other graduate degrees. These graduates excel when it comes it comes communication, inspiring others, wearing multiple hats, and obtaining skills and knowledge from different fields.

Although some people seem like they have natural talent for being leaders, humanities are just about the best option for you to develop your soft skills, which is what most leaders are known for. You can start early in high school by honing your writing chops as well with courses from thesis writing service, because written communication is arguably even more important in today’s world.

5. Engineering

Engineering is probably the hottest degree of them all at the moment, due to the already mentioned focus on digital technologies. While more than half of all CEOs and leaders are usually business, finance, or economy graduates, 27% of them have a degree in engineering or science, which is the largest percentage for a single discipline. If you are looking for a field in which you will be able to develop yourself as a leader, perhaps you would be best off choosing software engineering, which doesn’t just focus on code, but also on running projects and leading others toward a common goal.

6. Science

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) disciplines are definitely the way of the future, and while software and hardware are something we cannot do without, science is what provides the foundation for our present, be it mathematics, physics, or robotics. As in the case of IT, more money than ever is being invested into scientific research across all disciplines, which means there will be plenty of demand for your science graduates, and therefore plenty of chance for you to work hard and establish yourself as a leader of a company, academic institution, or a research center that decides to hire you.

7. Law

One of the best springboards for becoming a leader and/or CEO is to get a law degree. Even though being a lawyer may not seem like the most sensible choice for those of you whose goal is to become leaders one day, having a law degree provides you with an excellent foundation in terms of network contacts, and knowing how to work with people. On top of that, law will require you to develop good analytical skills, which is something that is an essential trait for all leaders. On top of that, all the legal and administrative parts of your job, while a nightmare for most, will be a walk in the park for you, and that alone provides you with a competitive edge.

Where to Start

Here are some of the resources you can use to build a good foundation for becoming a future leader:

  • Papersowl reviews - here you will be able to get tips and instructions from professional writers which will teach you how to perfect your writing and written communication.
  • Harvard Business Review - this blog is your go-to place for all the latest developments and best practices when it comes to leadership and business.
  • Coursera Leadership and Management Course - they are well-known for their high-quality courses on pretty much everything, which is why you don’t want to miss this one either.
  • Emotional Intelligence - written by Daniel Goleman, this book proves that emotional intelligence is one of the biggest factors that determines one’s success, which makes it an essential read for all leaders.


Being a great leader is not just about what you know, but how you use that knowledge along with your soft skills and personal traits in order to make yourself and those around you better, which will ultimately benefit everyone. Choosing any of these degrees will enable you to get your foot in the door and develop yourself into a successful leader. Good luck!

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