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7 Ways You Gain Respect in the Workplace
as a Leader

Gone are the days when leaders gain “respect” and authority through power and fear. Instead, respect is now acknowledged as it should be, it is earned by demonstrating the same amount of respect to one’s employees combined with excellent skills, communication, and the points that we will be sharing down below.

Be Punctual

The first way to show and earn respect is by being punctual. It shows your partners and employees that you value everyone’s time and that you are responsible enough to keep to your word even in little things such as going to work on time.

Admit Your Wrongdoings

Nothing ruins a respectable image faster than false pride. A true and respected leader knows when he is wrong and more importantly, he has the courage to admit and deal with the consequences; to bounce back from his mistakes and leverage them towards getting (potentially even better) results.

Be Open to Employees’ Offers, Feedback, and Suggestion

In relation to being able to admit one’s mistakes, a true leader also recognizes that other people have good ideas too. They are open to offers, feedback, and suggestions even if they are indeed coming from subordinates.

Don’t just accept advice blindly, though. In the end, it is up to you to discern what’s best for your company and your employees. Remember that there are people who are only quick to speak their mind because they don’t really have a lot at stake.

Show Your Work Ethic

As the adage goes, one must “lead with example”. A true leader follows the same principles, rules, and regulations that he expects his employees to adhere to. Demonstrate your sense of responsibility. Take initiative with tasks and projects. Perform your tasks promptly and learn how to delegate so as not to make your employees feel overwhelmed and overburdened.

Show Attention

Show attention not only towards work details but personal ones as well. For instance, remembering employees’ birthdays and anniversaries shows how caring and thoughtful you are as a boss. It’s not a bad idea to give your employees gifts during these special occasions, or better yet, get the whole team involved to prepare a little something. Here are some gift ideas for both male and female employees:

Gift Ideas for Male Employees

  • Men’s Wallets. A classic gift that can never go wrong especially for men is a simple leather wallet. Men’s wallets come in different styles but a simple two-fold will do.
  • Office Essentials Box. Let your employee know that you recognize his efforts by equipping him with the best office essentials in a gift box.
  • Phone Sanitizer and Charger. If you can say one thing about men, it’s that they value a gift’s practicality. A phone sanitizer and charger combo is one such gift that will see a lot of use.

Gift Ideas for Female Employees

  • Bracelets for Women. If men love practicality, women, on the other hand, appreciate beauty. Don’t just get a beaded piece you got from your last beach trip. Go the extra mile and get something that will match her office attire. There are different stylish bracelets for women out there.
  • Makeup Mirror. Here’s a gift that combines both beauty and function. There are makeup mirrors that are absolutely stunning yet portable enough to serve their purpose discreetly.
  • A Coffee Mug. There are plenty of mugs that can double as a decorative element on your desk. What’s great about gifting a mug is that your employee will always remember you every time she enjoys a fresh cup as well.

Here’s a final tip on how to give gifts to your employees. Try to stick to a universal budget when getting something to give away. In this way, you will be less likely to get accused of showing favoritism.

Be Respectful

Of course, don’t forget to talk to your employees in a professional yet courteous way in the office as well. Don’t raise your voice or lose your temper. We understand that this can be hard to practice at times, but please show restraint. If unsure about what you should say, then it’s best to speak with kindness or simply keep silent.

Have Their Back

Finally, always have your employees’ backs. Don’t throw them under the bus especially if you were really the one at fault (or your expectations). If there is a need to reprimand, then do so in a private space, beyond other eyes and ears. And pay careful attention to the information you share with others especially when pertaining to a particular employee. Remember, a real leader is tactful, respectful, and trustworthy.

To Sum up

It is not always easy stepping up to leadership. Leaders have big shoes to fill with the burden of responsibility that they carry. Yet not all leaders are respected...why is that?

That’s because respect is something that’s earned. It requires a deep sense of reliability, punctuality, attention to detail, courtesy, and courage. In the end, it really boils down on how you work and how you treat your coworkers. If you treat your work and your employees with respect, then even you can be a respectable leader before long.

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