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The Effective Leadership Style of
Next-Generation Leaders

Effective Leadership

By Alexa Bliss

Since the last few decades, there has been enormous changes and advancement in the styles of leadership and management. As we are moving towards a more globalised world, the attributes and traits of leadership and management are also changing drastically. Gone are the days when only autocratic or dictatorship style of leadership was considered as effective. In the world of Millennial and Generation Z, the leadership style, which is most effective is the horizontal one, which believes in working in harmony with the workforce of the organisation.

There are significant traits and qualities, which make a successful leader in an organisation. Therefore it is usually said that the success or failure of an organisation largely depends on the leaders as they are the ones who take the organisation towards a distinct direction can achieve desired success if the leader takes the organisation to the right direction. Various famous leaders have set examples for the next generation to follow their footsteps in order to deliver their best services to the organisation.

Essential Traits of Next Generation Leaders

Among the most prominent traits and attributes, the following characteristics are present in the leaders of the next generation:

  • They are great listeners

They believe in listening to the employees. The modern style of leadership is more of a democratic style of leadership, which beliefs in listening to the concerns and issues of their employees. This, in turn, motivates the employees in performing devotedly and faithfully towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation. Due to their enhanced efforts of listening to the employees and involving them during various significant issues, the employees feel a sense of entitlement and connectivity towards the organisation, which results in employee retention as well as loyalty towards the organisation.

  • They believe in innovation and change

The modern style of leadership believes in taking risks and challenges by incorporating change and innovation in their organisation. This culture brings creativity and the visionary environment in an organisation, which enhances the traits and attributes of the employees. This takes a lot of courage and audacity to encourage and empower the employees with their creativity and imagination. As a result, the employees feel motivated and intrigued towards performing at their best which results in achieving the desired goals and objectives of the organisation.

  • They are people-centred

The modern style of leadership believes in the energy and attitude of their employees, and this belief provides with enthusiasm and motivation among the employees. They believe that without going deeper and involving the employees, an organisation cannot achieve its mutual goals and objectives. According to the modern leaders, the management should involve their employees in the decision making for making progress or during resolution of various issues, in order to ensure them that they are an important and integral part of the organisation.

  • They believe in the learning and development of employees

The successful leaders are the ones who provide chances of growth and development to their employees. Famous leaders of today’s generation, such as Carolyn McCall (CEO EasyJet Airline UK) or Kevin Johnson (CEO Starbucks), believe in encouraging learning and development opportunities for their employees. This creates a culture of high-energy learning where employees don't assume learning as a burden; rather, they take interest and participate actively in their learning and development programs proposed by the organisation.

  • They believe in teamwork

The leaders of the new generation believe in working as teamwork, rather than working alone. As they are more people-centric, they do not believe on just operating from the top, rather they believe in spending their time with their employees as well either through meetings or conducting several workshops depending upon their organisation’s culture and attributes. As they believe in teamwork, they encourage the mutual efforts and collaboration of employees and management towards attaining organisational as well as individual goals.

  • Leading by example

The transformational style of modern leadership believes in leading by example, rather than depending on their employees to take the first move. The leaders of today understand that their own example is significant for the employees as the employees need motivation and example set by their leaders to follow. Furthermore, they believe in encouraging the creative intelligence of their employees and provide them with effective chances to increase their potential.


To conclude, it can be summarised that next-generation leaders have changed the old Authoritative style of leadership in a democratic and transformative style of leadership. The modern-day leaders believe in leading by example, and they consider the employees as a backbone of the organisation. Moreover, they believe in working as teamwork rather than working alone for the growth and success of an organisation.

With the transformation in the modern style of leadership, the organisations are experiencing significant changes in the motivation and dedication among the workforce, which has resulted in phenomenal results for the organisation and its employees as a whole.

About the Author:
Alexa Bliss is a blogger and academic writer at Nursing Assignment Help. She has done Masters in Clinical Psychology along with a diploma in Public Health. She loves writing about different topics, including various social issues. Her hobbies include listening to soft music, travelling to different places and web surfing.
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