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How to Build a Stronger, Happier
Team in the Workplace

A big part of being successful in your career is that you’re able to work well with others. It’s possible a lot of what you do will be team-based and require you to manage groups of people in your role as manager or boss.

It may scare you because you know how awful the environment can be when employees don’t get along or refuse to work together. It’s your job as the leader to help everyone succeed and foster a welcoming setting that encourages participation and respect for one another. Understand what it’s going to take to bring your team to another level and function at your best so you can succeed in your role as leader.

Encourage Open Communication

Being secretive and closed off is going to hurt your team growth tremendously. It’s important that you keep the lines of communication open with each other when you’re working in a team atmosphere. You want to make sure everyone’s comfortable sharing and putting their thoughts out there without fear of judgment. Speak up and let your employees know that you expect them to collaborate with one another and talk about what’s on their minds. If you see people who are refusing to participate in the conversation, you should start asking them questions and digging deeper to get answers.

Schedule Team Building Events

One proven way to build a stronger team in the workplace is to host team building events for all to enjoy. A great idea is to go on a field trip to the escape games team building event. Here, your employees will be challenged to use their communication and problem-solving skills to free themselves from a complicated puzzle. They’ll have to work together and communicate as a team in order to succeed. In addition, take them to team lunches outside the office and hold meetings in parks around the area for a different setting.

Define Roles & Responsibilities

Walking on each other’s toes will create disturbances in your group real fast. Your team will be better off if everyone is familiar with their role and understands their responsibilities. You don’t want everyone completing the same tasks, so make sure it’s clear who is doing what on a daily basis. Remind your team members that the group can only be successful when everyone pulls their weight and uses teamwork. It’s also a good idea to delegate according to individual skill and strengths. This way everyone will thrive, and the team will have a better chance of successfully completing the assignments you give them.

Hold Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings are an excellent way to stay in touch with your teammates and make sure everyone’s on the same page. Challenge your staff by assigning different people to lead the meeting each week. This way you get a break from talking so much and are helping your employees improve their presentation skills. Use these meetings to connect and work through any issues. Be sure to cancel your regularly scheduled meeting if there are no pressing issues and give everyone time back in their day to work.

Diffuse any Conflict Early

The last situation where you want to find yourself is in a workplace conflict that lingers and creates resentment. Make it a rule that everyone is to get out their grievances at the weekly meetings or immediately when the issue arises. Encourage employees to speak with the person who is the cause of their distress instead of gossiping behind their back. Have an open door policy in case anyone needs your help mediating a situation that comes up. Let everyone know to speak up if they notice conflict that’s hanging around for too long so it can be addressed.

Listen to one Another

You need to express the importance of listening if you want to build a stronger team in the workplace. Explain to everyone what active listening is and looks like and have them practice it with each other. Talking to each other and being distracted when someone else is speaking will keep you from working efficiently and reaching your goals. Be sure to set a good example and listen attentively when a team member is sharing in a group setting. Remind people to repeat back what the other person said or ask questions if the message is unclear.

Get to know Each Other

It’s never a bad idea to have different icebreaker games for your team to participate in when the opportunity presents itself. This will assist with everyone getting to know each other and will create a culture of acceptance and respect. Although you’re at work, there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun and building relationships with each other that go a bit deeper. When you understand one another better, people will start to feel more comfortable with each other and won’t be as shy or afraid to speak up and share.

Celebrate Successes & Give Positive Feedback

Always remember to celebrate what you’re doing well and have accomplished. It’s important to stop and pause once in a while and acknowledge your hard work. Order lunch in, take an afternoon off or send out an email recognizing those who contributed to a particular project. Also, remember to tell your team always to give feedback in a positive manner, even if they’re addressing mistakes or weaknesses. Make sure you allow time to call out people who are doing a good job and giving the team feedback when necessary. Keeping an uplifting environment will increase morale and motivate everyone to work even harder.


It’s typical that people have to work in teams in the office. As the leader and role model, it’s your job to make sure these individuals get heard and learn how to work together to achieve the group goals. Use these suggestions to build a stronger team in the workplace and enjoy the pleasant outcomes you experience from doing so. When in doubt, return to these tips and make sure you’re applying them to your situation. It’s worth the time and effort to finally get a team in place that’s meshing and succeeding without any quarrels.

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