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Improved Self Awareness Can Lead
to Better Leadership

By Reema Arora

Do you often wonder how leaders can be so efficient and deliberate while doing a task and stay grounded at the same time? Well, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. A good leader is appreciative, confident, compassionate, an excellent communicator, inspiring, honest, has good decision-making capabilities, and is a team player. But the most important trait of all is self-awareness – it keeps us grounded and focused. A self-aware person is someone who knows what he is good at and acknowledges his drawbacks. He is honest about what he does not know and tries to learn. Every action is well thought out. In a way, he is present in the moment and acts accordingly.

Leaders are always known to control their mind and emotions. A successful leader is aware of who he/she is and has clarity of vision. Mastering self-awareness isn’t always easy. So, here are a few tips to help you out and can make you an effective leader.

Stay Focused: You can only be aware of what is going on when you are focused on what you need to do. Even the slightest distraction is enough to throw you off track. You may be tempted to check your mobile phone for messages or mails all the time, but if you want to be a good leader, you need to make connections without being distracted. You can start by training yourself to focus on one particular thing for a long period without giving in to temptation.

Be Mindful of Your Strengths: Everyone has weaknesses, but it all comes down to how you deal with them. Being self-aware means, you know what you are good at and work towards making that skill stronger. Instead of dwelling on what you cannot do, channel your energy towards your strengths. When you make peace with your weaknesses, you know when to reach out for assistance. That’s when you can use your time more productively when you are on your own.

Set Boundaries: As a leader, you should know when to say yes, and when it is a firm no. Having strong boundaries in place can lead to better quality of work. Get down and get serious about your passions, your work, and everything you need to turn away from. Success is not easy – you need to sacrifice a lot on the way.

Have an Open Mind: Being broad-minded is a key trait when it comes to successful leaders. You can’t be captivated by your thoughts; you need to be more open to what others have to offer. When you let your ego and emotions rule, you lessen the chances of certain possible outcomes. To be a successful leader, you should be open to new opinions and understand what others have to offer. The more open you are to others, the more creative you can be.

Identify Your Emotions: Self-aware people can identify their emotions and judge them correctly. You can’t let them take over you or repress them completely. Identify them as they happen and understand the cause. We all have emotional triggers, but it comes down to how we handle them. You should be able to flex them before communicating them to others.

Trust Your Intuition: Sometimes, we fear that our decisions might not give the desired results and hence fail to embrace our intuition. But it's all about taking risks by trusting your gut instinct to take the leap. Realize that your instincts are based on surviving the situation in the best way possible. In a way, it can tell you what to do next if you pay attention to it.

Why Is It Important?

Self-awareness is important for many reasons, starting with self-improvement. When you are self-aware, you can see what is wrong with you and change it for the better. You have a better understanding of your setbacks and failures. You recognize your strengths and will be able to empower yourself by building on them. Talk about mastering your life with self-awareness, which will help you create exactly what you know and want in life. You will know precisely where to focus your effort and emotions.

Good leaders are not just made – it takes discipline and unwavering focus to become one. Self-awareness is a trait that good leaders are expected to have, without which one cannot lead responsibly. It gives the leader a sense of purpose and authenticity. The balance in any organization depends on how capable its leaders are. So, listen to your intuition, and act in any given situation with rationality, and be aware of your best skills. Let your self-awareness lead to a better organization and well put together team.

ReemaAbout the author:
Reema Arora is a certified professional in Fashion Design and Styling. With an expertise in beauty, makeup, and hairstyles, she finds writing to be an ideal platform to connect with readers. She is a regular contributor to, and her articles are what most girls in love with makeup and hairstyles and self-care would swoon over.

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