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5 Ways to Develop Leadership in Teams

Develop Leadership


Day to day struggle of organization for developing team leadership behaviors is real. Success of organizations is depended on leadership styles and management of teams. Organizations that lack team leadership behaviors suffer from weak productivity and performance of employees. If you are thinking your company is not accelerating at its best rate then it is high time that you start looking into team leadership behaviors of employees and managers. Despite using a number of resources and spending an enormous amount of time for delivering best products and services, if your company lacks leadership behaviors then everything goes in vain. Yet, you don’t have to worry because we have found the ultimate ways that can help your organization to exhibit best team leadership behaviors. Here are 5 ways that will help you develop leadership in teams.

1. Train your Employees

One of the reasons that your teams are suffering from lack of leadership is absence of training and education. For developing leadership among individuals it is significant to provide them training and education so that they become capable of leading teams. It is possible that employees are familiar with job content very well but their leadership and management skills are lacking. This may not impact when they are working alone but when employees work in teams then every team member is required to take responsibility and lead. Their effective leadership behaviors result in increased productivity. But what should be done to train them? There are various ways that an organization can use for developing leadership skills in team members such as they can send employees to attend conferences and webinars. They can also arrange classes for helping teams to refine their leadership skills. The performance of team members will be enhanced with developmental experiences and developmental opportunities. Organizations can provide team members opportunities of leadership education which will help them in developing leadership skills and lead teams effectively.

2. Challenge Your Employees

Successful organizations know the importance of challenging their employees. It does not mean that company places team members in a situation that they have no idea about. But they definitely need to be pushed out of their comfort zones. Organizations can challenge teams by assigning them tasks that are new to them but are relevant to their field or interest. This is a very effective way of pushing and testing team member skills. Scholars say that it is fine if they fail to accomplish the task because what is more valuable is that they have learned new skills, solidified employee commitment and improved their confidence. What business requires is improved confidence of team members in their skills. Through this companies are also able to understand whether an employee thinks of the new task as above their skill level or they think that they will learn some new skill through this unfamiliar task. Throughout this process of challenging and encouraging employees, organizations must ensure that proper support is provided to them for completing assigned tasks. Supporting involves encouraging them, directing them to get help from someone, evaluating their work frequently and providing them right support.

3. Inspire and Empower Teams

Organizations first need to focus on its main leaders who are leading current operations. The best leaders can inspire team members to adopt behaviors like them. Passion of the major leaders will inspire employees to grow within them. Organizations can develop passion in team members who will ultimately become biggest factors for business success. Let your employees to be creative, encourage them to participate on side projects and get their feedback through employee surveys. This will allow organizations to discover employees who have contributed to culture of the company and are honest with the company.

Empower team members to take decisions. In case, an organization does not empower teams to make decisions then they would not take responsibility for the organization and will not be able to engage themselves fully for success of business. Organizational progress will remain halted if team members are prohibited from making decisions. In the beginning team leaders will make mistakes but through training and experience they will become expert and inspire other team members.

4. Communicate with Team Members

Communication is the key to organizational success and if a company is suffering from lack of communication among team leaders and members then progress will be hard to achieve. Incorporating the art of communication in the organization must be one of the most important goals. For instance, reaching to the level of manager requires individual to exhibit some level of talent but now when he in a position of leading others then impactful communication should be undertaken. Otherwise team members will experience confusion and would be unable to understand what team leader really wants from them. Through his behavior of effective communication team leader would be able to tell and inspire team members for maintaining good communication within the team as well as outside the team.

5. Provide Feedback to Your Employees

One of the most important aspects of leadership is to provide feedback. If team members are constantly working on tasks and are trying to deliver best services for organization yet they are not receiving any feedback from their leaders then they might get demotivated. This lack of motivation affects team performance and ultimately business success. Thus, good team leadership requires leaders to provide team member with adequate feedback. This feedback can be constructive criticism or can be positive. Team leaders can provide feedback through email or by personally conducting meeting individually. Positive feedback will make team members to feel appreciated and valued, thereby they will work harder towards achieving organizational goals.

Bringing new ideas for conducting operations and finding new ways to improve team working can help business to accomplish goals more effectively. Team leadership behaviors encourage and inspire to work harder, practice constant improvement and undertake development opportunities which will drive towards success. We explained some of the most effective ways of developing leadership in teams. Utilize these ways and thanks us later.

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