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13 Lessons From Iconic Startup Leaders

Whether you are new to the competitive startup world or are a seasoned veteran, it is obvious from frequent media coverage that there are many obstacles that go along with heading a team as a CEO or founder. That being said founders must always be proactive in looking for ways to improve their company (both internally and externally) if they want to take things to the next level. Whether you’re learning how to navigate the complex ecosystem of venture capital funding or maybe you’re still in the ideation stage as an entrepreneur, there’s a lot to consider and it comes as no surprise that the prospect of launching and surviving in the competitive world of startups can be daunting.

But while we consider all of these obstacles, it is clear success is not impossible. There are many outstanding leaders in entrepreneurship who have taken the challenges presented and launched their venture anyway with much success. Of course, their success didn’t come without trials and tribulations, but it can appear that way on the surface. 

To gather and share these lessons learned, Embroker has turned to a cohort of self-made billionaire startup founders who have excellent stories and advice based on their years of experience in the startup world. They’ve collected 13 lessons from iconic startup leaders covering topics from building teams to developing products. Keep reading for advice from the experiences of self-made billionaire founders. 

Infographic for 13 Lessons From the Experiences of Self-Made Billionaire Founders

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