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How Leaders Solve Problems

Being a leader in any kind of business means having to play a critical role in the process of solving problems. Whatever your product or services offered, there will always be problems that arise that need to be fixed and the quality of your solution processes will go a long way to determining what kind of a leader you are. We all have innate problem solving abilities, but some approaches work more effectively than others. Have you ever stopped to think about how you solve problems in your daily life or career, and whether your approach could be improved?

There’s three main types of problem solver out there. A systematic problem solver is someone who works through every aspect of an issue to find the right way to fix it, and definitely won’t quit until it is not only resolved but also unlikely to ever happen again. Then there’s intuitive problem solvers, who rely on their instincts more than processes, which can lead to problems not been resolved effectively. And finally there’s inconsistent problem solvers, who find themselves veering between the first two types with no real pattern, which leads to mixed results at best.

Why not try this flow chart to see for sure which kind of problem solver you really are? You might find that you’re less effective than you always thought you were, but don’t worry, because there’s also some tips here to help you improve. Even if you have confirmed that you’re a systematic problem solver, there are still ways you can keep refining your skills in this area, which is exactly what a systematic person would do, isn’t it? So if you don’t know what CATWOE stands for, or haven’t used fishbone diagram or just want to get better at solving the problems that always crop up in our lives, have a look at these tips and see which you can start to use...

Problem Solving
Rider University Online has created a resource for Intergenerational Communication Issues focusing on management tips for a more effective workplace. Ensuring that everyone is feeling safe, happy and equally appreciated at work is not always easy and resolving those issues can be even more difficult when generational differences drive division. This is a dimension of diversity that is often overlooked and this resource aims to begin to close the gap.

By Dr. Alan Zimmerman...

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