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Top Reasons Why You Should Go Into a
Zoom Meeting with a Green Screen

Zoom Meeting with a Green Screen

Using video conferencing platforms is nothing new for people who are working remotely; however, it is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has given it a massive boost as most people were forced to work out of their homes. The concept of using a green screen with a virtual background at home for video conferencing on Zoom is more or less unknown to the majority of people. Unfortunately, it means that one of the simplest best practices of video conferencing is not being adopted by most users.

Green Screen Technique Explained

A green screen provides the best possible differentiation between the skin tones and the background, according to Audio Network. It helps editors replace the green background with another background image or even a video of their choice. This technique, also called Chroma key compositing, has been used for long in the film industry to make it appear that the actors are in another location, not the studio where they have been shot. Some of the main reasons why it can help to use green screens to replace the background when going into a Zoom meeting:

Optimal Use of the Capabilities of Video Conferencing Software

Most video conferencing software like Zoom is designed to work optimally with green screen backgrounds if you decide to use a virtual backdrop. It is possible to do without a green screen, but the video will look undefined and messy. It is because the software generally has trouble processing the background. Certain parts of the image get messed up, resulting in parts of the body like fingers or accessories like earrings getting missed due to the background bleeding through.

To Replace Your Physical Surroundings with a More Attractive Background

When you are forced to work out of home, likely, you may not have adequate space to set up an office, let alone a home studio. However, even if you are videoconferencing from your bedroom, you should not allow other people to get a glimpse of your private space. It is even more relevant for people in co-working spaces or in temporary living arrangements that might be messy. By using a portable green screen, you can insert a virtual background that will look more appropriate and professional.

Allows Expression of Your Creativity

Depending on the context of the video conference, you can easily keep changing the background. For example, you can bring in the outdoors with a view of mountains, look academic with a shot of the library, or chose a night shot of the city lights for a meeting in the evening. By using a well-chosen library of images, you can introduce an element of fun into boring meetings that can get tiresome when you are at it throughout the day. However, you need to keep in mind to select attire that does not merge with the background.


Considering the expense in buying a green screen is pretty low and using them to create interesting effects with help of software that is easy to master, using green screens does not have to be complicated. Getting the light, focus, and coloration right are usually the biggest challenges in making the image look realistic.

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