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YouTube Promotion:
Success Factors and Secret Tips?

Let's be honest: almost no one makes YouTube videos for nothing. There are, of course, exceptions in the form of people who just want to express themselves, but the vast majority want a wide range of viewers or potential customers to watch their content in addition to friends and parents. 

It is especially important to get more subscribers on YouTube, grow the amount of likes, promote YouTube stream.

The main indicators for video promotion

But before we talk about promotional tools, it's worth focusing on the main indicators of the video and channel, taking into account which should be built and selected format of promotion.

If you open the channel analytics you will see an abundance of different metrics but first of all you should pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Audience retention (high retention views)
  • CTR of covers (click-through-rate, the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of impressions as a percentage)
  • ER (engagement rate, which is the percentage of engagement: likes, comments, subscriptions after viewing, etc.);
  • The depth of view on the entire channel (transitions from one video to another)

Ranking factors for videos

In the past, when news feeds on all social networks were based on subscriptions and chronology, everything was much easier. You could say with almost 100% certainty that the next video on a particular channel would get so many views.

But all has changed with the advent of algorithmic news feeds. Now you have to try to be liked by algorithms in order to even get the attention of your subscribers. It is considered normal practice when only 20-40% of your channel subscribers watch your videos. The rest, as a rule, are gained from search and the recommendation block.

Selecting semantics

You need to decide on the title of the video. To do this, type a keyword into a YouTube search - for example, "bicycle". YouTube itself begins to suggest the most frequent queries associated with it. If none of the options suits you, you can add a question before the keyword: how, what, why, etc.

Once you've decided on the name of your video, you need to fill in the description and tags. Under the text block, place links to related videos, if any, an appeal to subscribe to your channel and additional links. At the very bottom, place hashtags. 

Tags and Hashtags

When working with tags, it's important to remember their main function - to help YouTube better understand your video. Therefore, remember the following principles for working with them:

  • Choose tags that are relevant to the title of your video and to the content itself. Don't use random keywords just because they're popular right now - it'll only confuse YouTube.
  • Write as many tags as you really need. In other words, YouTube provides 500 characters for tags, but that doesn't mean you have to use them all. If you've chosen five and you think you've fully covered the topic of your video, leave them alone and don't make up new ones. 

What you should know about YouTube promotion

Organic traffic

This is the traffic that you get from search and recommendation blocks by optimizing your videos. The main advantage is that it's free. Optimization is available to everyone and does not cost money. 

But there is a significant disadvantage - via optimization alone, you can get only minimal traffic. And small channels will lose out to channels with a larger audience.

Buying YouTube promotion services

There are SMM panels which can help to increase the number of likes, views, subscribers and comments on the channel. Using this method in a combination of other tools gives you a big push forward.

When you buy real YouTube views, likes and comments Instagram's algorithms notice the activity on your channel, the interest in your content and give you more and more organic traffic, move you on to the recommendations.

Choosing an SMM panel, pay attention to user feedback, responsive support team, and money back guarantee. 

Official paid traffic

It is Google Advertising. There are many advantages to this format of distribution:

  • Prompt launch of the advertising campaign and a large volume of traffic in a short period of time.
  • Flexible targeting and the most detailed analytics in the advertising cabinet to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

But it's important to remember the drawbacks as well:

  • The low percentage of views. Yes, if you try hard, you can achieve a good audience retention, but this is not always possible and usually forces you to make a very limited targeting.
  • Videos and channels that grow solely on advertising traffic rarely make it into search results and the recommendation block (which is something you can quickly grow your channel with).

To recap

To summarize all of the above, the algorithm for the successful launch or development of an existing channel is:

  • Optimize your videos. Think of interesting titles and accompany them with tags and descriptions. Remember not to spam irrelevant tags and mislead viewers with clickbait titles.
  • If you rely on the rapid development of the channel try not to spend the entire advertising budget on one format. Especially carefully consider Google Ads, because often when working with this format can be faced with low retention. It is better to limit its share to 20-30% of total traffic.
  • Focus on working with bloggers and collaborations with them because it is the most converting promotion format for developing a YouTube channel.
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