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7 YouTube Features to Boost Your
Channel Engagement

Youtube is the second largest social media platform in the world. This space has over 2.5 billion users. These users consume content every day for an average time of 30 minutes. This makes the platform a great opportunity for upcoming creators. Various creators owe their success to Youtube. This platform is home to millions of creators. It is one of the oldest spaces for creators across the world. As the world advances to different forms of content creation, Youtube doesn’t stay behind. The platform has managed to change with times and update itself. There are different features that have been introduced. Youtube isn’t just a video sharing service anymore. It has various formats. 

Budding creators have been utilising this platform to their advantage. It is extremely important to have complete knowledge about Youtube. One of the important factors on this platform is engagement. To increase engagement, the platform must be used properly. There are various features that help increase engagement. These can help increase youtube viewers and subscribers. Here are seven of these features:

  • Dashboard

Youtube Dashboard is a useful tool in content creation. This feature helps keep track of one’s performance. Certain videos gain more views than others. This information can be used to create videos that attract a larger audience. The Dashboard also provides information about relevant topics. News or events that are new are introduced in this feature. This can help stay up to date on topics. 

  • Analytics

Youtube Analytics are specific to each video that is posted. This helps understand what format is most useful in increasing engagement. Analytics can be used to see what works for a channel and what doesn’t. This also helps in understanding what kind of audience is viewing the videos and their interests. Videos can be created accordingly to increase views.

  • Live Sessions

Live Sessions can be utilised in increasing interaction with viewers. Live sessions with fellow creators or brands can also help increase engagement. These sessions are made more useful through Super Chat and stickers. Conversing with subscribers increases views and communication with users. Live Sessions can involve Questions and Answers where viewers can engage with the creators. 

  • Collaborations

Collaborations are a simple way for creators to come together. These help drive one collaborator’s audience to another collaborator. Creators can help out each other and increase engagement. Brands can also collaborate with creators to spread the word. This, again, drives traffic from the brand to the creator and vice versa. 

  • Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts is another useful way to increase engagement. This is a format in Youtube to create short videos. These videos reach audiences across this platform. Videos must be short and relatable. This kind of content is easy to watch and allows for quick engagement. Videos with challenges and trends are useful for increased viewership.

  • Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO is basically a way to arrange information in a manner that helps increase engagement. Through various tips, the chances of one’s video to appear first can increase. The title must be crisp and catchy. Tags must be relevant to the video. Certain keywords should be mentioned that help increase views.

  • Youtube Community

The Youtube Community Page helps creators connect with users. Here, content can be posted for users to engage. One can hold conversations with subscribers and thus increase engagement. Creators can ask questions and post videos that subscribers find relatable. These forms of interaction also help drive traffic apart from the subscribers.

Youtube is a powerful platform to gain income. The huge viewership makes it possible for creators to grow. Different kinds of content have emerged in recent years. Youtube has introduced features such as Community and Analytics that have been helpful. These can be used by creators to their advantage. Certain kinds of content can help creators gain views. Subscribers can be bought using different websites. The number of subscribers can provide a headstart in the beginning. Afterwards, however, it is important to grow authentically. Organic followers will always provide better engagement. Complete knowledge of the platform is necessary to gain popularity.

Youtube can provide creators with a chance to grow and expand their network. When the platform is utilised to one’s benefit, it can provide great opportunities.

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