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Top 15 Methods of Making WoW Classic SoD Gold 2024

Welcome to Classic WoW Gold Farming – Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft! Opportunities for fortunes in the game have been growing with 2024 unfolding. For both experienced players and beginners, this guide will take you through the top 15 methods of making wow sod gold, as well as help navigate you through Southeastern Stranglethorn, Booty Bay and some other areas until beyond.


Investment in Heavy Hide

Heavy Hide is a great investment often overlooked by many at around three silver per piece. This item requires materials from level 27 skinnable creatures and has a limited use during the current phase. Nonetheless, there will be huge demand for heavy hides as the expansion progresses which could increase their market value manifold. In its present low price, they should be bought before it is too late so that we can multiply our money by selling them when they are expensive.

The Market of Strangle Kelp

Stranglekelp is another underappreciated asset that grows in oceanic regions. As supplies outweighs demand now, its price remains low but this situation may change soon when new updates are released. The value of strangle kelp is set to rise exponentially on account of its extensive use in alchemy whereby it comes into play for making Elixir of Agility among others nature protection potions especially considering the recent raid mechanics put into place.

Small Flame Sac's Potential

Tiny flame sacs primarily dropped by whelps from Wetlands are one of the essential ingredients for making fire protection potions. Therefore, it would be wise to buy them while they are still cheap before they become very costly since more people could find them useful during raids in future stages.

Importance of Swiftthistle to Rogues

Swiftthistle can only be found in lower-level areas which makes it an especially important herb for creating thistle tea that helps rogues maximize their DPS (damage per second). Supply will decrease after players move from these zones, so it is better to invest in this herb now. Despite its high cost of 19 silver, its price is anticipated to rise.

Growing Kingsblood Demand

Kingsblood is very common in the current areas hence, the supply is high and that is why it is cheap. However, it has some applications in alchemy which means that it could get more expensive with time. Therefore, purchasing kingsblood at this time would be beneficial for future returns on investment.

Bottle Farming in Stranglethorn

There are jungle bottles filled scrolls like agility and strength among others that can be found in southeastern stranglethorn. Timely auctions done when players are preparing for raids can lead to huge profits being gained by you. Also, watch out for stranglekelp as an additional source of profit.

Potion Trading in Booty Bay

Booty Bay offers a unique opportunity to buy Mana and Greater Healing Potions at low prices and resell them at a significant markup. You just need to know when and where to sell them.

Scroll and Recipe Flipping in Desolace

In Desolace search for a wandering NPC who trades Scrolls of Strength, Agility or Stamina as well as various cooking recipes. The items can be sold instantly or saved till later phases.

Fishing for the Big Iron Pole

There are a few fishing spots in southwestern zones that contain some cages with a fishing pole called The Big Iron Fishing Pole which is sold at 20-40 gp each, it’s particularly good for rogues and druids.

Grave Moss Farming

Most people prefer Grave Moss to other herbs because it can be used in making Shadow Protection Potions . Any non populous mid level zone will provide an efficient gathering opportunity especially for stealth classes like rogues.

Dual Accounts Scarlet Monastery Farming

For instance, Scarlet Monastery has been a goldmine for two or more accounts. The first account would keep the bad guys busy while the second one would start looting on behalf of two characters. This is how you can obtain rare blue and green items.

Farming Pearls through Southshore

The best place to find pearls and high level loot drops is Southshore. It is not as crowded, so the auction will have more valuable items.

Murloc Farming in Wetlands and Hillsbrad

Clams and other stuff will be dropped by them, these Murlocs are found mainly in Wetlands and Hillsbrad. Moreover, there might be some things you could fish out around here that could sell at a good price.

Fishing for Ironbound Trunks

So go fishing during this time to get an iron bound trunk with materials that can help you level your professions. It’s also a source of income for such endeavors as well as being preparedness-oriented.

Neutral Auction House Arbitrage

If there are items that are being sold cheaply by the opposite faction at any neutral auction house then pick them up. Such items can be resold at your faction’s auction house to get some money back.

Auctionator Addons

Click here for better Auction House management where you shall find information on Auctionator Add-Ons. Be sure to prepare shopping lists for quick searches and profitable sales.


Herb Farming Routes

The best routes to take whilst farming Wild Steelbloom and Swiftthistle in various zones where Alliance and Horde players operate together.



Farming WoW Classic Gold during Season of Discovery is an opportunity to make money. Each has its own way, whether it is by searching for underwater treasures or becoming an AH tycoon. Use this guide as your roadmap to riches in 2024. Happy farming!

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