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Top Five Reasons to Work with Influencers in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Influencers have become an important part of marketing on the Internet. What once used to be a radio DJ promoting a product or service, influencers have now taken that role on the Internet. Direct marketing is important but third-party endorsements are just as important because you want someone else to affirm the importance of your brand. Below, I list out top five reasons to work with influencers in your next marketing campaign -

1. Influencers Produce Powerful Content

Before influencer marketing developed into an $8 billion dollar industry, brands would have to hire a professional photographer, assistant and pay for a crew in order to produce professional content. Now, in 2020, a brand can do this in a very cost-effective manner - hire a few influencers and achieve the same spectacular content with a fraction of the cost. Social media platforms, like Instagram, have become akin to catalogues where a brand can browse influencers and choose the ones that best correspond with the brand’s image and values. If you need help hiring influencers, you may consider working with professionals, this can be an agency or at least a part time professional, to help set a strategy before pulling the trigger and diving into a campaign.

2. Influencers Are Equivalent to Excellent Reviews

You’ve probably seen that reviews can make or break a brand, from Amazon reviews to Google reviews. Influencers also produce their own reviews of products or services whether it is on their blogs, YouTube channels or Facebook pages. The reviews can be quite detailed and visual which is immensely helpful for brands from detailed captioning on photo posts to very entertaining videos posted on IGTV or YouTube. One of my personal favorites is YouTube - it’s a gift that keeps on giving as three months from now or even a year from now that influencer video can garner over millions of views. In effect, when a customer Googles your product, your brand is one of the first to show-up with a glowing review from the influencer.

3. Influencers Have a Loyal Following

The difference between Amazon reviews and influencer reviews is that influencers have tens of thousands to millions of followers, so the message is quickly disseminated through the Internet for potentially millions to hear about your product. Their audience is known to be fiercely loyal and can cling on to their every word. The followers have been following the influencer for years and have purchased recommended products or services so they already know that when an influencer puts her brand behind another brand, the product or service should be carefully considered. Influencer marketing can be especially important for new brands which have not yet had the opportunity to develop a track record and trust with consumers for, for example, excellent quality, being reliable and affordable, and excellent customer service.

4. The Brand Can Track Metrics with Influencers

One of the other perks of working with influencers is being able to track metrics in order to measure the impact of the campaign. Traditionally, with marketing channels like outdoor advertising, the advertiser cannot accurately measure who saw the ad and how many people saw the ad. It is important to set the key performance indicators (KPIs) from the outset of the campaign. For example, do you want to measure the traffic from the influencers, the following gained from the influencers, or the conversions from using a promo code from the influencers? This way going into the campaign, the brand goes in with clear expectations of what the end goal was and did it work picking this group of influencers over this period of time. In other words, it’s easier to make amends and improve for your next campaign. 

5. The Brand Has Technologies Available to Measure the Impact of the Campaign

With social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, the advertiser can look at insights and analytics to better understand the target demographic who was exposed to the product or service. For example, Instagram now offers advertisers the ability to see not only the country but the city where the followers are from but even the time of the day when a particular influencer’s audience is the most active. The brand should be familiar with the different tools available on each of the social media platforms in order to be able to understand and adjust the marketing campaign. For example, are you looking at impressions, reach, actions, etc.? By having a carefully thought through campaign, the brand increases its chances of achieving a very successful return on investment.

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