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Wordpress Hosting UK -
Is WordPress hosting Worth it?

WordPress hosting makes the website's management and maintenance very convenient without additional resource allocation. So, in most situations, WordPress hosting UK is an ideal solution for WordPress websites.

Since it was set up to be highly compatible with WordPress, it gives excellent performance. Let's find out WordPress management capabilities and discuss what makes WordPress hosting worth it.

How a Good WordPress Hosting UK Takes Your Business to Next Level

1. No Performance Issue

The unique system requirements of every software determine how efficiently it functions on a particular system. WordPress is no exception. It also comes with specific ideal system requirements.

The great compatibility of the hardware, firmware, and software setup is what WordPress hosting guarantees. This compatibility leaves no room for performance issues or any downtime.

Going out of services has severe implications for the website's authority and the user experience.

2. Pre-Installed WordPress Makes Your Life Easy

This feature is why WordPress hosting is the apple of developers' eyes. Pre-installed WordPress saves your time downloading and installing the content management system on the server.

You have to purchase the plan and then start website development. Hence, you save time and avoid compatibility problems.

3. Automatic Updates

WordPress updates are another great advantage that gives ultimate peace of mind. With every released update, you receive many bug fixes and improvements. When you are not updated, you lose these significant improvements and fixes.

Another problem is you become more prone to external security threats. By providing automatic updates, WP hosting covers you. However, there are always chances of compatibility issues between latest wordpress versions and the website. Though it is rare, it happens. So that makes turning off automatic updates almost a switch flip away.

4. Cloud-Based

WordPress hosting is cloud-based in most cases, which is a tremendous advantage of WordPress hosting. Because that means you also get to enjoy the immense benefits of cloud hosting, which are easy scalability and high reliability. You can scale the cloud hosting solutions with one click. Moreover, many providers will integrate the varnish cache within the cloud-based environment. Varnish can even increase the speed of your website to 100%.

5. Good Security & Reliable Backup

Not all, but many WordPress hosting packages will provide you with premium website security and backup features. In addition, some take backups after a certain period automatically. So in case of any disaster, you have any restore points.

They also provide you with the plugins that monitor the website for malware and security threats. Whenever they detect one, they notify you and recommend the necessary actions. Some tools even deal with threats if configured. The best wordpress hosting UK is always the one you can rely on.

JetPack Plugin

Some providers will provide you with a pre-installed Jetpack plugin. Plugins can be programmed to provide any functionality you can imagine. JetPack is a diverse plugin that lets you do many things.

  • It is easy peasy to provision WordPress Themes
  • You get marketing services. One example could be analytics
  • Automatic programs for SEO and Social Media
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • High-end security

Once you are sure that it is wordpress hosting you want, and not any UK hosting windows, it is time to learn the difference between managed and unmanaged.

Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It Better Than Unmanaged?

Yes, WordPress hosting is excellent, but it is most remarkable when it is managed WordPress hosting. As the name implies, with managed WordPress hosting, WP Hosting team is responsible for your website maintenance tasks. Unlike this, unmanaged WordPress hosting leaves everything on you.

Four Great Blessings of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting company is the partner you hand over your webserver to. Let's take a closer look at the numerous advantages that managed WordPress hosting provides.

1. Easy & Smooth Setup Lets You Launch Website Now

Setting up a website on a hosting server could be pretty tricky. The difficulty level may increase when facing a complex content management system like WordPress. Situations could be different in every case. In some cases, all you will have to do is purchase hosting and domain. Hereafter you can start working.

There will be challenges like changing your DNS or uploading and configuring WordPress in other situations. It's possible that you have to configure the complete server all by yourself.

Managed hosting will save you from all of these troubles. If you encounter some problem, support will be there.

2. You Enjoy an Expert Support for Any Problem That Arises

When you maintain a website, problems are unavoidable. Troubleshooting can be a frustrating task. Yes, all web hosts provide support but managed WordPress hosting is unmatchable. Processing of your tickets will be a matter of minutes or hours. Moreover, several managed hosts also offer live chat and email support.

The support is not all about heading you in the accurate direction. They will also enter the picture to address the issue themselves in many cases. For example, managed WordPress hosts know that every web administrator is not a well-versed IT expert.

3. Superior Speed and Optimization

Everyone knows about the sluggish speed of shared hosting. Yes, you may get a high-quality server at a cheap rate, but it will be unmanaged in most cases.

One of the most superior things about managed WordPress hosting is the blazing fast speeds it awards to your pages with the help of its highly optimized servers.

As your website grows over time, the benefits also multiply. Unfortunately, many hosts struggle to tackle the gradual spike in web traffic. When it jumps to thousands of views per month, they halt.

Managed hosts would not let that happen in any case. While many hosts may charge you heavily for CDN, many managed hosts will provide you with CDN free of cost.

CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network, and its primary function is to reroute your site through various networks around the world. Hence, every user gets the service from the nearest location. As a result, loading speed jumps to incredible levels.

4. Ultra-High Security For Your Website

Security is the most common concern. Hackers targeting small WordPress websites through brute force attempts is a common scenario. What makes them a soft target is using low-quality web hosting that cannot handle the back end.

Managed hosts take care of security issues and set you free from the tensions of vulnerabilities. They minimize DDoS and brute force attacks by strict traffic monitoring.

However, due diligence is always our responsibility, no matter what hosting we use. Make sure you're using a good security plugin and that your hosting account and WordPress admin have separate passwords.

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