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Why Should You Start a Twitter Account Right Now

Several years ago, Twitter was very popular among social network users. Many had their own accounts and talked about their lives there, many were subscribed to hundreds and thousands of other accounts. However, now Twitter has begun to lose its relevance due to the fact that people have switched to other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, etc. In this article, you will find out whether it is worth maintaining an account on this social network and whether it makes sense to buy Twitter followers in 2021.

Why is Twitter still relevant?

You may still remember the time when most people were active readers of a large number of Twitter profiles and had their own accounts. Of course, now the picture has changed a little and not all people are registered there. However, if you look at the statistics of many profiles, you will notice that the number of likes and reposts is still high. This is due to the fact that those who have actively used this social network before still have not abandoned it. According to statistics, Twitter has 206 million monetizable daily active users worldwide now. If the number of followers for an account decreases, then the author can simply buy real Twitter followers and renew his popularity.

Among the most popular topics of profiles there are entertainment accounts (funny stories from life, jokes, memes), as well as news portals. It is convenient to read news on this particular social network, because in a Twitter post you can place the text title of the article, a picture and a link to the site with this article. For example, on Instagram there is no way to post links in posts. The convenience of this format still attracts many users.

Why should you start a Twitter account right now?

Despite the fact that Instagram or Tiktok are more popular now, Twitter has advantages over them. The main one is support for a variety of formats. You can write posts (however short, with a limit on the number of characters), post photos, videos, gifs, post links to articles of your own or other people's sites. This gives a lot of space for creativity and self-expression.

Many celebrities still use this social network as a way to communicate with fans and keep updating their accounts. This suggests that at least an audience of many stars uses this platform and can subscribe to you if you publish interesting content.

How to start making money on Twitter?

If you don't have an account yet, then create one right now. After that, try to design your profile beautifully and start writing posts. Do not forget to decide in advance which theme you will stick to. It's important that your profile is consistently styled and has specific goals. Next, you can think about promoting your account or individual posts. To do this, you can either use the services for buying likes or subscribers, or purchase ads from popular accounts. The second method is more expensive and often less effective.

Don't be afraid to start keeping an account. Rest assured that if you try, you will succeed.

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