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Why is Page Speed Important for Your SEO?


Birmingham is a gorgeous place that is located in the west midland region of England. The area is currently going through major development and the process of gentrification. Businesses that are that are based in Birmingham seeking to expand their business within and around UK generally rely through their websites to contact their prospective customers.

They must improve the user experience by limiting the speed at which pages load. When it is taking a lengthy time your site to load, prospective UK clients will browse to one of your competitors' websites instead. In addition, Google will notice and penalize you for slow loading in the event that your site loads slow.

You need to know how to improve page load speed and the meaning behind page speed optimization and why it is essential to your SEO overall.

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What is page speed?

The most commonly used metric to measure speed of loading is the the time it takes to load a page. The speed of your UK server's speed, your connections to the internet, size of files and image compression are just a few variables which can impact the speed of loading.

What page speed could impact SEO

Since the year 2010, speed of pages was regarded as a factor of SEO. Google has made it clear that with the release of their SPEED update in the year 2018, Google upped the ante by incorporating mobile variables into their rankings.

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Ranking higher

Google provides pages with higher quality speedier loading times higher rank. It is the direct ranking factor to SERP the current standard is the case. The speed is determined by Google according to time until the first bit.

Crawling your site

If a website loads fast crawlers will be able to access more pages. This ease of crawling as well as getting data faster assists in improving your ranking.

User experience

Page speed is affected through the users' experience. Customers who become frustrated with the speed of loading will abandon your site and visit competitors websites. Your Google rankings are negatively affected by the bounce rate.

Methods to improve the speed of your web page

How can you increase speed of pages after you've tried one of the programs and realized that it loads slow?

Increasing your mobile page speed

  • Reduce redirects to pages
  • redirecting you to and redirecting you to
  • Each of these redirects could cause your site to load slower.
  • Optimise your images
  • Adjust file size to ensure that it will fit on the page in a way that is appropriate.
  • Utilize image tag attributes to correct the image rather than loading slow.

Being able to load your page quickly for mobile users is essential and recommended as mobile surfing is growing at a rapid rate and is a major component of Google's speed improvement.

Increasing desktop page speed

  • Make sure you have an adequate server speed.
  • Optimise your images
  • As mentioned above, make sure the size of your image file is not too large.
  • The positions are also fixed.
  • A well-constructed site design and structure
  • Optimize this so that your website loads fast and efficiently while all the images and links functioning quickly.
  • Reduce Javascript and HTML
  • The higher number of third party code that needs to be loaded can slow your whole process.

Next core web vitals make page speed an increasingly important factor in rankings, where every millisecond can be a determining factor.

The more organized your site will be, the better it will do for Google rankings, and the better it is for potential customers as it is a reflection of the User Experience as well as that is why the Mobile First strategy is an important aspect.

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