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Why Do You Need a Web Design Service?

A web design service is important for businesses today. It’s where people go when they have questions or need information about your business.

Think of and name any three businesses you know that are extremely popular and successful but do not have a website. Think think. Yes, go on.

Can’t think of any? Here’s why.

Owning a business and having a digital presence are two key elements of a strong foundation for any business. Having a functional and terrific website design is vital. After all, your presence online through your website can take your business global! Investing in a good website design with a reputable company like Wildwood Digital is equally important as developing fantastic customer care relationships.

But the question arises, what kind of a website should you opt for? It is highly recommended that the website is extremely interactive, and hooks the user right from the get-go. The website has to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly, attracts high traffic, and most of all - it should speak for your brand.

Now that we have touched upon the key elements of a website, another question is mandatory to answer. What kind of design your website should have? Just any website design will do? Or do you need a pop of something extra, something personal to it?

Hold on while we answer that question in just a bit.

It is important to first understand what goes into making a website design successful. It is not just the design element of it. A whole process goes into building a website. It is SEO (search engine optimization), and content marketing that drive traffic to the website. For a strong website, the web design company shoulders the responsibility of all minor and major tasks that go into making a website successful.

Let us look at the process in detail, these are the 6 web design services that are an integral part of a website design.

  1. Web design and development

All it takes is a scroll or a swipe to move on to the next website. You have to make a pleasant first impression on the users. Not only does your web homepage need to show, explain and make a great first impression on your users - it also has to be extremely easy to navigate. It should be a breeze for users to find what they are looking for. The web experience should make the user want to visit once more. You can try and do your own website design, however, if you feel like a more professional approach will yield better results, then you will want to search in your area for a good company. Googling phrases such as "website design seattle", or wherever your location is, will show you the range available.

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

A great-looking website is just not enough for your business to be successful. A great and successful is not only visually appealing and comprehensive but is also easy to find. SEO makes this whole thing possible; it shows the search engine robots that your website exists and is here for good. This ultimately makes it possible for search engines to show your website when the user searches for it or searches for something similar. SEO makes connections between users’ searches and your website possible. When the right services and techniques are implemented by the web design service providers, your website skyrockets.

  1. Branding and graphic design

Branding is the backbone of your business. Great branding elements will take your business a long way, your brand’s logo, color palette, and microelements will make it easier for the user to resonate with your brand. It builds a sense of consistency and brand loyalty among the users and future prospective customers of your brand.

  1. Copywriting

Writing copy that hits all the right chords is a gruesome but interesting task.Writing fresh copy is a time taking task. Content and copy that syncs perfectly with your brand and aligns perfectly with your company’s ideology are mandatory. The right techniques used in content and copy creation will ensure that your prospective customers land on your website, often making them paying and staying visitors. Be rest assured, great web design service-providing companies have writers who are excellent at it.

  1. Usability

Your website must be user-friendly. It should be easy to look for what the users are searching for. Any frustration in the process of finding what the users are looking for will push the users away. Always make sure that you put the primary information where it is visible, usually in the upper right-hand corner of your side. Other than being user-friendly your website has to be aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Navigation

Navigation is the backbone element of a great website design. Keep it as simple as you can. Try limiting the options to choose from under 7. Simplify the categories, too many details categories are overwhelming and make the choices harder.

As all businesses are unique and different, each requires a separate range of services. The website design company you end up choosing for designing your website has to have a full detailed plan of what services they will offer you that will make your website stand out from the rest.

Coming back to the design aspect of a website. Will any design do?

Certainly not. Here is why you need a web design service, that's completely tailored to your business’s needs.

A great website will provide a great user experience to your customers. A great web design service will ensure that your users trust on and vouch for your brand.

Benefits of a great web design:

  • Great conversion rate

Great website design enables your users to look exactly where you want their attention to be. Like special sales, calls to action, and clickable elements of the website. This will make the users take actions that you want them to. Great copy and content will compel them to do so, too.

It is advisable to draw the user’s attention to action through the use of white space, or some open space around the call-to-action button. Compel them to click where you want them to click by providing them minimum options which will make them click exactly where you would want them to. You can always also use a striking color for the call-to-action button.

  • Professionalism and brand loyalty

⅔ of users will judge the professionalism of your brand through your website. Too many tacky elements and tons of colors will only repel them. Modern, sleek, and minimal designs will elevate your brand’s professionalism and encourage the users to trust your brand. A poorly designed website will only repel the users. Using your brand’s key elements like the logo and color palette is also a great way to make your website recognizable and appealing. It develops a sense of trust and brand loyalty. Familiarity hits the right spots for trust with the consumers. Make sure that through the website the users are reassured that they have landed in the right place where they were supposed to be.

  • Greater online presence

This can be achieved through a faster website loading time. Did you know that 50 % of internet users want the website they are visiting to load within 3 seconds? If you improve your website load time by 1%, chances are that you can increase your sales by thousands! Your website will load slowly only when it is designed poorly.

  • Positive feedback

Word of mouth and in today’s world, social media reviews and shares are 90% trusted by fellow users. Think about how a first-time visitor talks great about your website and then his mention of the brand attracts more visitors to your website. The positive vibe and experience your website will provide will attract more visitors and help build a positive image of your brand. This will ensure that customer loyalty is built.

  • Increase in the traffic

A professionally designed website will help you to get more traffic on the website, remember those key elements we discussed above? A perfect mix and excellent execution of those elements will take the website traffic much higher. It will elevate customer relativity and your website’s credibility. And then lead to more conversion and sales.


So, that was all about how a good web design is executed and how your brand can benefit from it. Make sure you choose the right web design service providing a company with a solid background and tons of good reviews and a great clientele. You don't want to waste your resources and time now, do you?

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