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Explore Top Reasons Why Memes Are
Gaining So Much Traction


Memes are having a precise connotation in today’s digital environment. Memes enjoy so much popularity because they have a unique way of communicating feelings, situations, and attitudes. Memes seem to be a far more popular and frequently used search term as compared to “Jesus”. Richard Dawkins was responsible for coming up with this unique term meme in 1976. He claimed that ‘virality’ is not only applicable to infectious diseases, however, but it is also very much in anthropological settings. As per Forbes, Richard Dawkins referred to the meme as a shareable cultural artifact known for spreading through a culture just like wildfire.

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Growing Popularity of Memes

Memes have gained phenomenal popularity over the last few years. People love memes so much that you must be wondering why it is so. Today memes are controlling the Internet culture because popular meme pages are quite effective in drawing millions of followers. People across the globe are passionate about memes. They browse through their hot-favorite meme page for fulfilling their daily quota of laughter and dopamine release in their brains. Memes are, however, far more than just an element of laughter and humor. Life would indeed be so dull and sad without these humorous memes. However, memes are today treated as the basis for societal angst, brand advertising, and above all, political expression.

Content acts as the fuel that helps in powering the Internet, while memes are responsible for putting it in top gear. The appeal of memes simply cannot be undermined and seems to be global. Memes are incredibly pervasive, and you cannot think of going through the motions without coming across one. We understand that memes were very much present even before the introduction of the Internet since memes imply a slice of culture that is transmitted from one individual to another. However, online memes have ultimately culminated in dominating the definition. What could be the possible reason for memes becoming so popular and resonating so universally? Here are the top reasons why people cannot desist from clicking on memes.

Memes Are Incredibly Hilarious

Memes are humorous, and they have the power and versatility to grab the attention of a vast audience. The highly creative manner in which meme pages are used for poking fun at diverse elements of life, it is natural for all of us to relate to them. Relationship jokes or minor pet peeves seem to be quite addictive, and their overwhelming success with continues unabatedly and at astounding rates as the digital landscape or the Internet is gradually taking over society.

When you are an integral part of some inside jokes, it is a validation of social acceptance. You become an important part of a particular community, and it helps in cementing the bond between you and other people belonging to your community. When your meme gets shared on social media platforms again and again within your social group, it is a direct reconfirmation of your position or status in your community. Memes are known for offering a touch of human connection and bond in the digital world. You may browse through Meme Scout to explore the best memes to satiate your quest for fun and laughter.

Memes Test Your Cultural Knowledge

Everyone cannot understand all memes that come on their way. Understanding memes necessitate sound cultural knowledge. More often than not, it proves to be immensely helpful if you are aware of vague pop culture references. Memes boast of an inherent in-crowd appeal that goes a long way in boosting your confidence in its unique or path-breaking ways and the cool factor.

Memes Are Great for Easing the Tension

Social pressures, political disagreements, and even drastic societal changes are handled seamlessly in memes. Memes are a great way of making your point, yet they are versatile enough to elicit a hearty laugh.


Massive dependence on technology and their societal implications or concerns have facilitated memes in becoming an integral part of the Internet economy, and most importantly, the American culture. Memes are not meant for bored office staff or college students. You can leverage the power, and versatility of memes for winning a place in the hearts of your fans and followers, while boosting the overall influence and reach of your brand.

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