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Magento Platform

By Emily White

Technology is changing rapidly and no industry is left untouched; IT, food and beverages, eCommerce, financial services, fashion, etc. every industry is evolving using technology. Entrepreneurs are investing heavily in technology to enhance their online business capabilities as the percentage of online customers is growing rapidly.

Just like a physical retail store that attracts many customers to the shop in the same way a website designed with the latest features attracts customers to the website. To satisfy and to cater to the never-ending demands of customers, the business owner needs to build a robust online website through which a large market share can be captured.

Building a visually appealing website embedded with the latest features requires a reliable platform. One such trusted and known platform for eCommerce business is Magento. Magento is an open-source platform, best suited for building eCommerce websites. Magento website development is equipped with a plethora of extensions and features which makes it different from its competitors.

Topmost brands like Nike, Nestle, Ford, Sigma beauty, Landrover, etc. are using this platform to build renowned websites. There are several reasons due to which best magento hosting is preferred. Let’s discuss those reasons one by one.

Reasons due to which Magento is preferred by top eCommerce companies:

  • Multiple websites management

Magento website development allows users to create multiple websites using a single dashboard. The business owners can create specific and independent websites according to the product category. With the help of this feature, different looks and designs can be given to each website. Hence, attracting more customers to the company’s website.

  • Third-party integration

To enhance the shopping experience of customers it is necessary to integrate third-party services. In the Magento platform, multiple services can be easily integrated such as order tracking, logistics, inventory management, payment gateways, and so on. The platform also provides embedded tools so that website performance and ongoing trends can be analyzed efficiently with the help of Google Analytics and Google checkout.

  • Magento community support

Magento has a vast community that frequently updates its users about the latest trends and technology, which should be added to the website to gain a competitive advantage. The Magento community consists of experienced and well-trained programmers, bloggers, developers, managers, etc. The community has more than 3,60,000 forums of members that provide assistance related guidelines and solve client issues.

  • Open-source platform

Magento is an open-source and free platform. It allows entrepreneurs to customize their website according to their business needs and wants. Visually appealing websites with a friendly user interface (UI) attracts the customer’s attention. By installing Magento modules, Magento developers can build and promote an online website that matches the requirement of the business owner.

  • Mobile optimization

Most of the consumers nowadays use their mobile devices for online shopping, therefore, it is important to develop an eCommerce website that can seamlessly work on your mobile. Magento platform is mobile responsive as it supports HTML 5. The website can be quickly loaded and the images automatically adjust according to the browsing device.

  • Payment options

Integration of payment options with eCommerce websites is important to make the shopping experience more feasible. Magento supports almost every payment method such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, cash on delivery option, bank transfer, card payments, etc. The business owner should integrate payment options with a website so that customers can easily shop without any complication.

  • Particularly for eCommerce

Magento is best suited for eCommerce web store development solutions due to its robust features. Available options like shipment tracking, inventory management, supplier management, etc. make the work smooth as every record can be easily managed and tracked. Magento ecommerce development services also provides options for cross-selling and up-selling of the products.. This helps both parties, as buyers can find required products more conveniently and sellers can sell their products more effectively.

  • SEO friendly platform

To rank, the website among top searches on the search engines the specialist uses the SEO feature available in the Magento platform. The Google and HTML sitemaps are embedded with this platform helps Google bots to crawl the website and to rank it higher in Google searches. The platforms consist of customizable features like keywords, meta tags, URL structure, descriptions, SEO plugins, content, sitemaps, etc.

  • Cost-effective option

Cost plays a significant role while choosing a platform for eCommerce website development. The cost depends on certain factors like the version of the platform you have chosen, your geographical location, features that you want on your website, etc. Magento is a suitable option for your business if you want an economical platform integrated with the latest trends. It is the right fit for your budget as cloud hosting reduces the cost of hosting, monitoring, and maintaining your website.

  • Excellent performance

Customers stranded the cart within a few seconds if the website loads slowly. Magneto users don't face this issue as the website built with this platform loads quickly and works seamlessly. Along with this, the platform consists of a plethora of extensions that can be used to customize your website and give it a unique look.

Why should you hire a web development company for building a website through the Magento platform?

It can be said that the successful development and designing of an eCommerce website requires a dedicated team of developers with prerequisite knowledge. The use of Magento modules to enhance the look and capabilities of websites requires a team of professionals who can build a robust eCommerce website for the business.

There are several reasons due to which business owners prefer hiring a web developer for website building:

  1. Technical support

The web developers will provide you complete assistance and support if you face any problems. The addition of new changes and updates about new trends, all this support will be provided to you. Whenever a business owner faces any issue he has the full support of experts to resolve that.

  1. Experience

The developers have years of experience and expertise in developing websites and stores that they will use to build a powerful online store for your business. The web development company will have knowledge about the latest eCommerce trends that will be added to your online eCommerce store.

  1. Quality

Nowadays customers want easy access to every piece of information at their fingertips and to cater to their all needs requires a quality website that can be easily loaded, has a user-friendly interface, and mobile optimization that only a professional developer can provide you.

  1. On-time delivery

Every marketer wants to serve their customers first to gain a competitive advantage therefore it becomes essential to have an online store at the earliest with the latest features. The web development company is the source of providing your business, an online store within a stipulated time frame.

Summing it up

Entrepreneurs are looking for a platform that best matches their requirements in all possible ways. Technology is changing at a higher pace and it is important to update your online store according to the current trend. We have discussed the features of the Magento platform and we can clearly say that this platform is suitable for eCommerce website development.

Magento’s stellar growth and its continuously growing popularity is a live example of its performance. The reason behind this growth is its exceptional features in terms of look and design, customization, flexibility, security, community support, third-party integration, and many more aspects. Most of the merchants, users, developers, and companies prefer Magento for developing an eCommerce website.

Author’s Bio

Emily White is a senior eCommerce developer. She has exceptional knowledge in her domain i.e, developing eCommerce websites. She has been working at CSSChopper which is a reputed and well-established website development company. Emily is also fond of writing and sharing quality blogs and articles. She likes knowledge sharing with others.

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