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Why You Should Learn Microsoft Excel in 2023: Top 10 Benefits

Microsoft Excel Benefits

To know why you should learn Microsoft Excel first you have to understand what is Microsoft Excel. It has been a go-to tool for businesses, organisations, and individuals for many years. Its extensive features and capabilities have become an essential part of data management and analysis.

According to market research, Excel training London Microsoft Excel remains the market leader among all leading database management services, with 54% of businesses worldwide still using it.

This blog discusses the Top 10 Benefits of Learning Microsoft Excel in 2023. You can learn the importance of MS Excel with various Microsoft Excel Masterclass available online and offline. 

Table of Contents

  1. MS Excel - Overview 
  2. MS Excel - Evolution 
  3. Top 10 Benefits of using MS Excel in 2023 
  4. Conclusion

MS Excel – Overview

Microsoft Excel is software developed by the esteemed Microsoft Corporation. It allows users to organize, analyse and manipulate data in a tabular format. MS Excel provides a wide range of features and capabilities, including the ability to perform complex calculations, formulate charts/graphs and automate tasks using formulae.

It is widely used in businesses, organisations and educational institutions for financial analysis, budgeting and data management.

MS Excel – Evolution

MS Excel was first introduced in 1985 for the Macintosh and was later released for Windows in 1987. Since then, it has undergone several updates, adding new features and capabilities. The '90s saw the introduction of the toolbar, pivot tables and pivot tables.

Similarly, the 2000s saw the introduction of new data analysis features, conditional formatting and advanced filtering. Recent updates are focused on collaboration and sharing, with features such as cloud-based storage becoming key additions to the application. Today Excel is a powerful and versatile tool used by millions of users worldwide. 

Top 10 Benefits of using MS Excel in 2023

The top 10 benefits of using Microsoft Excel in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Easy Data Management: Excel provides an easy and efficient way to manage and organise data. It allows users to easily enter, edit and manipulate data, making it an ideal tool for data entry tasks. 
  2. Data Analysis: Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, enabling users to perform a wide range of functions like sorting, filtering and formatting, making it an ideal tool for businesses that deal with large amounts of data.
  3. Charts and Graphs: Excel allows users to create charts and graphs, making it easy to visualize data patterns. 
  4. Time-Saving: With Excel, users can automate tasks, use formulae and equip templates, saving a lot of time and promoting efficiency. 
  5. Collaborating and Sharing: Excel allows for collaboration across multiple users, making it easy to share data and work on projects together. This feature is helpful for teams working on the same project.
  6. Flexibility: Excel is now a flexible tool that can be customised to meet the needs of a variety of users. It is also used for various tasks such as budgeting and financial analysis.
  7. Accessibility: Excel is widely used and accepted across several industries, making it easy to share and access data across different organisations.
  8. Compatibility: Excel is compatible with other software and tools, making it easy to integrate into different workflows. 
  9. Ease-of-use: Excel is user-friendly, with several built-in templates and formulae allowing users to access its features without a learning curve.
  10. Evolution: Excel is constantly updating, adding more user-friendly features with every update.


Summing up, despite many competitors in the database management industry, Microsoft Excel has proven its durability and has not shown any resistance to change. It has brought about more changes and updates in the industry than any of its competition.

The user-friendliness, constant updating and flexibility have ensured that at least base-level knowledge of MS Excel is required for work in any industry. Therefore, understanding how it functions is required, even in 2023.

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