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Science Explains How Facebook Makes You Sad

Every day, there are over one billion people from different parts of the world logging into Facebook – some to keep up with the latest trends and news, others to post their pictures. Despite the emergence of several other social media platforms, Facebook has managed to remain the most popular in the world.

You would think the use of Facebook will in fact improve the lives of its users but that isn’t so. Scientific study have shown that Facebook is associated with making its users feel sad. No one gets Facebook accounts from places like the Accs Market just to feel sad. Let’s take a look at what science has to say about this associative behavior, shall we?

Associating the Use of Facebook with Sadness

A 2014 Computer in Human Behavior study stated that most people don’t make use of social media to be social. It stated that only approximately 9% activity of Facebook users was for communicating. Researchers found out that most Facebook users passively consume information and this is not fulfilling in the least. The researchers concluded that the reason why most users feel sad after they log out of Facebook is because they feel like they have been unproductive perusing through Facebook.

How Facebook Can Cause Depression

There are other ways Facebook affects the mental health of its users. According to a report published on the American Journal of Epidemiology, the regular use of Facebook can have a negative effect on the wellbeing of a user. Although, traditional socializing have a positive effect as opposed using Facebook accounts gotten from

This report also stated that Facebook users are led to negative self-comparison when they are exposed to the curated pictures of others. When people start to assume other users have better lives because of the images they post, their chances of getting depression increases. The scientific report also stated that continuous social media usage will most likely reduce real life interactions

Other social media platforms were not looked into in this report but there is a high chance they also have negative effects on the mental health of their users. SO, why do people keep making use of Facebook? Over 70% of Facebook users log in daily in spite of the negative effects of the platform because of what scientists call affective forecasting. Most users believe using Facebook will help elevate their mood but that is far from the truth. So, how do you prevent Facebook from making you sad?

Preventing Facebook from Making You Sad

Once you are aware that Facebook can affect your mental health negatively, you can be more careful when using Facebook. Limiting passive information consumption and mindless scrolling is a good way to start. Also, understanding that people will only share the highpoints of their lives on their Facebook accounts gotten from places like should make you stop comparing yourself negatively with others.

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