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Why Check the Code of Apps and Smart Contracts for Vulnerabilities?

The system is engaged in professional code checking for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities. The Hacken team can be assigned any task of testing applications or web services. As a result, the client receives a detailed report with a list of errors. All vulnerabilities are systematized according to the level of severity, and you can see which bugs in this application need to be fixed in the first place and what consequences can be caused if the vulnerability is left without due attention. In addition, experts accompany each error with a comment on how best to fix it so that the code is reliable and safe.

Application Testing

iOS and Android pentesting is about customer safety and compliance with the rules of entering the market. During application penetration testing, the product is checked against basic critical points and is susceptible to hacker attacks to detect weak spots in the code that are easy to crack.

Such errors cause leakage of users' personal data, access to their financial information and account data. On the developer's side, they lead to interception of payments, disruption of the application, and other problems that can be easily avoided if vulnerabilities are discovered in time. The verified application will be quickly accepted by the customer, and it will also be easily verified and delivered to the Apple Store or Play Market.

Smart Contract Audit

A smart contract is a digital algorithm that automatically fulfills the terms of the parties specified when the agreement was signed. Since it is also a program, vulnerabilities and bugs can be made here.

The price of bugs in the code of a smart contract is even more expensive for the parties than bugs in application security. In addition to time delays, they are also fraught with the fact that attackers gain access to electronic wallets and confidential information, the disclosure of which is illegal. Smart contracts audit can really help here and keep all the partners' data safe.

That’s why it is so important to validate any code: both the applications that you intend to offer to users and the smart contracts behind your business’ future. On one hand, there are big risks that can really be avoided. On the second side is security, data integrity, correct software operation, which is offered as a result of professional penetration testing or audit.

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