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Which Online Streaming Platform
Should You Subscribe to in 2021?

You are looking for a streaming platform with 4k content, a reasonable subscription fee and a wide range of content. We are here to assist you as it is complex to choose one platform. Some of the streaming services are not available globally. However, according to the streamingrant, you can unblock any of the services by following their guides.

I have discussed the top 4 streaming platforms and have discussed their unique features. Let us start!

4 Best Streaming Platforms 2021

Following are the top 4 streaming platforms...

1. Netflix

Netflix is the all-time best platform for watching movies, dramas, seasons online. It has produced many successful films and more than 40 anime series in 2021. However, if you have watched its original content and want to see something else, it is also possible.

Many famous online streaming networks like amazon prime video, Disney, HBO, and Hulu are also available. Moreover, it is available on all types of devices.

So if you have a tablet, Chromebook, or mobile, you can enjoy its content. Moreover, it significantly helps the parent because it has introduced new features for parent control to set a profile and strike the content they do not want their kids to watch.

Its subscription plans are also very unique. But yearly plans are cheaper than monthly plans. Moreover, if you subscribe to a premium plan which costs $17.99 per month, you get the opportunity to enjoy 4k content and four concurrent streams.

The recommendation algorithm of Netflix is amazing and that is an important factor that attracts people.

2. Hulu

It provides you versatile content; you can enjoy classic movies, movies and watch the online stream of more than 40 channels of different genres like sports, news, etc.

BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network are its favourite channels. Moreover, Hulu recently announced that NFL Network and NFL RedZone would be available on the platform, increasing its cost.

Its basic monthly plan is very affordable and costs only $5.99 per month; however, you will have to pay $11.99 per month if you want to enjoy another free version. But of all for students, it has a package which costs only $1.99.

Moreover, if there are many members in your family, you can subscribe to the unlimited screen members package. And can use unlimited devices in your home but only three devices outside the home.

But it has one con: it does not support all 4k content, and if you want to enjoy 4k content, you will have to invest in an Apple phone or Chromecast ultra. Best of all, you can download videos from it and keep them for30 days.

3. Disney +

You can enjoy national geographic shows; Marvel stars war and Pixar on it along with its unique original content, including encore, high school musical, The Series. etc., many of its shows are also available on Hulu.

Disney has earned fame very quickly and become one of the successful competitors of Netflix. Disney yearly plan is best if you want to save money. However, Disney Plus is also offering a bundle for $13.99 per month, and it also has Hulu and ESPN. You can buy the Disney Plus bundle and enjoy streaming all sorts of content through a single login.

Best of all, you can enjoy unlimited 4k content on it, and there will be no ads disturbing you. Parents can set almost 7 different profiles for their children, so they do not watch inappropriate content.

It is available on all types of devices like ios, android, game console, different streaming platforms like Roku, fire tv, etc.

4. Youtube TV

Youtube is also one of the best platforms for subscribing in 2021, as you can get a subscription to a wide variety of new sports and entertainment channels. Moreover, you can enjoy a lot of shows on the discovery channel.

If you want to watch content other than the youtube library, you can subscribe to other channels like NBA league pass, HBO box, etc. Not only this, but you are also launching other new features like 4k streaming and offline DVR content.

With youtube membership, you get access to 6 accounts that your friends and family members can use, and this is a unique feature of youtube as no other streaming platform gives you this opportunity.

Final Words

In a nutshell, all these are amazing and have excellent content. Moreover, all these platforms provide you with versatile content within minimum subscription charges for your ease.

Thanks for reading!

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