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Where to Promote Spotify Artist Account?

Spotify Artist Account

We both know how it is on Spotify. Giant music streaming platform, open for new musicians. At least that’s how it wants to look like. To every musician who is already represented on Spotify its true nature is much more clear. Despite being popular and really comfortable for listeners, it has certain drawbacks when it comes to the comfort of music creators. Those drawbacks lead to increasing popularity of services that offer to promote Spotify artist account. Would you be interested in it?

For any one of you, and reading this, it looked something like this: you heard that Spotify has grown to over 690 million users, and decided to join. You created an account, uploaded a few tracks, expecting to get some recognition. But cruel reality denied it. Spotify algorithms did nothing to show your music to people. What can you do?

There are two ways out of this situation. You can either abandon Spotify and go to another music streaming service, or you can power through. I wouldn’t really advise you taking the first option, since almost every streaming service has similar flaws. Your experience on other services won’t be any different. You need to change your approach. To power through you need to invest in competent music promotion. I know that you are skeptical about it. Social media and society portrays music promotion as something unfair and not worthy of time. However, people, writing hateful comments, know nothing about the realities of the music industry on streaming services.

Promotion of your account is an important step you need to take. You may not like it, but there is no way to become popular without it now. A few years back, simply uploading new tracks was enough to gain popularity. Now, the number of musicians is much bigger, so competition is much more aggressive. To deal with it only one tool can be used – promotion.This universal tool helps any musician buying it. Methods used by promotion companies are applicable to any situation, any music genre, any country of origin. These techniques work everywhere and every time. Some of them may be familiar to you. Social media, music magazines, email bursts, partnerships with labels and influencers. That’s not something that a regular person can master and do effectively.

There are many services that offer such actions. To select the best one, you need to look at three things – website quality, payment methods, reviews. A website must be designed carefully, with attention to details. It should perform well on any device, look attractive, and be convincing. If you see a very cheap website, you have first confirmation that this service is a scam. Second thing to look at is the payment method. Website shouldn’t recommend using strange payment methods. Resort to such services that offer widely known options. If the service is asking you to pay with cryptocurrency or to transfer money directly – it is a scam. Third and the last thing is looking at reviews. Such an obvious parameter yet sometimes overlooked. Reviews must be positive with a small pinch of negative. There is no way the company satisfies everyone. Some people will still write hateful comments even after a high-quality promotion campaign.

Now you are fully equipped to start your successful journey into the world of music promotion. Just invest time in it, some money, and you will be surprised with the results. Your music is great, talent is clearly visible. All that’s left is showing it to the world. To do it correctly and swiftly, use promotion services. Do you still have any concerns or doubts?

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