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Can WhatsApp Business Help Your
Small Business Connect With Customers?

It’s now easier than ever to make a meaningful connection with your target market online. WhatsApp Business is now available on Apple devices, and has features available for you to integrate marketing and selling your products, as well as communicating with customers to provide a fast and friendly service.

The social networking platform taps into a wide audience of potential customers. With 2 billion monthly users worldwide and 300 million people accessing the app daily, WhatsApp is particularly popular with young adults between 18 and 24. To access this group, 3 million small and medium sized companies have already registered accounts with WhatsApp Business.

The WhatsApp Business app has a variety of additional features that support business needs, including easy communication, product promotion, and purchase processes. It’s fast and easy to set up an account with your business’s information, and the interface is user friendly for both you and your customers.

As with all successful social media, this app is designed to build relationships through friendly and responsive messaging functions. This is how customers prefer to communicate with businesses, as well. It has a quick reply function that enables you to anticipate common queries and provide a pre-written response, as well as labelling options so you can archive chats and access them later when you have a purchase update or new product information to share.

The Catalog feature enables you to showcase and sell your products and services with minimum fuss, and you can link your account to your website, email signature, and other social media for increased exposure. You can also promote new product lines, collaborations, promotions, and special events through WhatsApp status and targeted messages.

Check out this handy infographic from HeadwayCapital for more information and tips on how WhatsApp Business could help you make effective connections with your customers....

Can WhatsApp Business Help Your Small Business Connect With Customers?
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