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What is VOD and How Does it Work?


People are talking a lot about VOD these days; from your favorite television show to learning a new language, people use VOD to entertain, learn and engage. But what does VOD stand for? It stands for video on demand and describes the streaming videos available online. Users can watch videos offered by streaming services and content creators on various platforms. Viewers can watch the videos immediately without having to download them, making the process faster and more efficient. No longer do people need to rely on satellite channels for their viewing - they can access videos of all kinds in the blink of an eye. Now one of the most popular uses of the internet and quickly becoming people’s first choice for consuming content.

There are a number of applications for VOD. From viewing movies and television to learning through educational videos, VOD provides a multitude of topics to choose from. From platforms like Daily Motion and YouTube, there are endless options of what to watch. From business development to “a day in the life” people are growing their following through a multitude of topics. From the latest movies to live sporting events, video on demand provides the most up-to-date content right to your home.

Whether you are looking to start a profitable content business or you just want to make videos for fun, there is a streaming platform for you. Free services like Youtube allow creators to host their content with no upfront cost. However, it does have its drawbacks. Free services require advertisements to keep their services going and oftentimes you don’t have a choice in the matter of what will be featured before or during your video. With platforms like Maestro, content creators can decide on advertising that fits their brand. From choosing the latest in culinary products to sportswear, you can align your ads with what topics you cover the most. Paid content can also provide uninterrupted videos that will have your audience focused on the videos.

Services like Maestro also allow complete ownership of your content so you can control your own narrative and branding. Taking control of your work is an empowering and rare attribute available to content creators. This kind of programming also provides space to make money on your content.

There are various ways that VOD makes money off their platforms (and sometimes the creators do too). There is a transactional payment plan where users only pay for what they rent or buy. This is sometimes seen on larger service providers for older titled films and television shows.

Subscription-based VOD platforms mean that users buy a monthly or yearly subscription to the channel or streamer and have unlimited access (unless the content is very specific and hidden by a paywall). This is one of the most popular options as it leads to long-term clients and audiences.

Some platforms rely solely on advertising for revenue. However, as a content creator, this can be distracting for your viewership and is often not directed to what your viewers are interested in. If you are looking to not only build a customer base but a community, choose a platform that allows for growth. Look for live-streaming options and customizable layouts to really bring your brand to life. Having contact with your subscribers is a great way to build community and develop long-term viewership.

Video on demand shouldn’t be cookie cutter. Everyone has different needs for their business and online streaming audience. Maestro makes this kind of individualization easy. From owning what you display to aligning your brand across the platform, you can make your VOD channel its own. This is the ideal way to create a more engaging and sustainable video on demand channel.

When choosing a VOD service to access channels that speak to you, selecting services that really consider both the creators and the audience is important. You don’t want to be fed countless ads that have nothing to do with your interests. You also want to know that your favorite content creators are being sufficiently paid.

There are countless video on demand providers these days, but not all are created equal. Finding platforms that allow for ownership and empowerment of their users and creators is a top priority for most. Oftentimes these platforms require a subscription but come with perks such as reduced advertising and curated content. Consider your options today and prioritize the values that you are looking for most in a video on demand service. Services like Maestro allow content creators to align their branding, maintain audience relationships and develop community. What more could you want?

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