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What Is Data Science and Why Should We Use It?

It would not be wrongfully said that smart is the new sexy. Data science is the millennial version of just that and we do not realize how huge an impact data science makes on our day to day lives. How difficult is it to pick an outfit from a wardrobe that has never been organized or how would you choose a book from a library where they are not arranged in an order and separated by genres? These are the small scale and rather simplified versions of what data science does.

What is data science?

Data science involves an in-depth analysis of a task and assists the doer in amplifying the quality and efficiency of the task whether the doer is an individual or an organization. The main purpose of data science is to simplify the back-office jobs and thus making the entire network of the company to run smoothly with no glitches. A simple example of data science is our Facebook news feed where our home screen is comprised of posts that we would like. This is based on an algorithm that analyses our past choices and the kind of material we like and prefer. All this is done with the help of data science.

The main steps involve collecting the data which is arranged randomly and tidying up the information and organizing it, transforming it and finally communicating your results with the masses i.e. what appears in front of us in our Facebook feed. Similarly, your job searches on various websites or LinkedIn feeds are modified as per the filters. These algorithms help in a detailed analysis of the individual’s preferences and requirements and the content is displayed accordingly. The analysis over a large scale for companies over a number of years is known as big data and the programming language used most commonly is either python or R. The individual needs to have good programming skills that are possible only after proper practice and training and mathematical and analytical skills as well.

Why data science?

The field in itself has numerous opportunities and applications and the individuals inclining towards stepping into this stream have to have a knack for programming and mathematics and statistics. Companies have been making use of data science long before artificial intelligence came into existence. With the advent of modern-day technology and machines, data science has become all the more vast as well as sophisticated. As the company prospers, the need for large scale management and access of all the previous and future records is a must, as well as projections for the success rate of the upcoming years, all involve data science in one way or another and a data scientist makes that happen. The bigger companies are hiring professionals who can procure the data whenever they need and manage it accordingly. This has completely transformed the business world and made it easier for the tycoons to have access to all the past records and analyze the consumer market in order to amplify their products and services.

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