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What Are Instant Payments on the Internet?

Instant payments were launched in 2018 after the opening of the interbank platform. With their help, you can make quick payments. For this, a personal phone number, e-mail and a profile in any social network are used.

The advantage of such payments is that they can be made conveniently, as quickly as possible, from any country and place. Using a smartphone, the user will be able to pay for a specific product or service in a couple of clicks. Money can be transferred to the store owner's phone or to linked social networks. Funds can be transferred to the accounts of friends or relatives.

The most popular services that guarantee fast payments include:

  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro bank cards are the most common payment method that is popular all over the world. Every adult has a bank card, receiving payments on it, so this method of transferring money is especially relevant;
  • Electronic wallets - there are many wallets on the network, which include Webmoney, QIWI, Yumani and others. They provide instant transfers from one wallet to another;
  • Terminals - placed all over the world. You can see the terminal in any public place: shopping center, shop. With their help, you can deposit money on the card, replenish the account of a mobile operator, pay for any service;
  • Mobile applications - with the help of special applications that are available in smartphones with Android, iOS, you can make quick payments.

Instant payments are common all over the world. Every year their number is replenished, and the work is improved, which allows you to make payments even faster and safer. You can find all the current and latest news on the site Here you can find all the information you need about InstaPay.

How instant money transfers work

Fast money transfers work according to a simple scheme that will be available to everyone. To understand the essence of the operation of such a system, you can take for example another method of conducting transactions through bank transfers. They are known to all customers for long processing time. Bank transfer may take several days. If this is a transfer abroad, then the processing time will take about 5 days. The duration of payments directly depends on the fact that most institutions process such payments in large groups only at specific times during the working day. Bank transfers may be delayed depending on the currency, country and bank hours.

Instant payments are processed sequentially and without delay. They pass quickly, regardless of the time of day, weekends or holidays.

The benefits of instant money transfers

The main advantage of fast payments is that the money is immediately received by the recipient and he can use it. Compared to universal methods, instant transfers guarantee a simplified transfer process. The user can create an account in 3-5 minutes and send a minimum amount of recipient information. This can be a card number, phone number or mail.

You can send money not only within the country, but even abroad. The user can transfer any currency to more than 50 countries. To do this, you do not have to visit a bank or other institutions, stand in lines and report on the source of this money. You can even translate using a smartphone and a special application.

Instant payments are convenient for everyone, both the sender and the recipient. Services for transfers do not store money in their accounts. They will be available to the recipient immediately after sending and without delay. The recipient immediately receives the money and can spend it at his own discretion, and the sender saves his time when sending. For transfers, various cards are used, both credit and debit, so all adult users can use them: working, students or pensioners. Thanks to instant payments, everyone can help their family or friends, even being in another country.

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