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What are Email Sequences?

email sequence

Surely, near your home, you have a store, a restaurant or a kiosk where every time you go, they call you by name, treat you in luxury and offer you the best they have that day. Was it like this from the beginning? No. Returning frequently and being a long-time customer has its advantages and in that, traditional commerce takes us a long way.

In online sales one of the biggest handicaps that we find is depersonalization. It is very difficult to speak or write or sell when you don't know who you are doing it for, especially at the beginning. And it is even more complicated to offer everyone what they really need at all times.

Email Sequences

An online business via email Sequens is a chain of email messages (it can also be only one) that is sent when a user performs a previously determined action. That is, if you enter my website and leave me your name and your email, you will trigger the start of a sequence. In its most basic version, it would be just a welcome email thanking you for your interest.

That initial sequence should have everyone active. It is available even in the free plans of, for example, MailChimp. By the way, if you prefer to listen to me you can do it from the player just below or by subscribing for free to "How to start selling online" from iTunes.

Personalization of the Experience

Now imagine that after leaving you my information two days later, I go back to your website and download a document on, for example, seasonal vegetables. In a good email marketing platform all 4 for Germany, a label called "interested in vegetables" would be automatically applied to me and if a weeklater I download seasonal fruits, the label "interested in fruits" would be added.

Also, as I have clicked on the links in your emails, I have received the label «clicks on link».

And you, who have done your homework, have told the system that when someone has the labels of interested in fruit, interested in vegetables and also opens your emails and clicks on the links, start the sequence of selling your book.You play with an ace up your sleeve because you already know that I am interested in what you are going to send me.

The sequence would begin, in our case in Austria and Switzerland,with an email in which I tell you about fruits and vegetables and how we can mix the best of both worlds in a "strawberry gazpacho" (imagination to power!). After 5 days I would ask you if you have made the gazpacho and if you liked it and I would tell you that you cannot stop trying the spinach, banana and lemon smoothie. In a third shipment I would talk to you about vitamins and nutrition and in the fourth I would inform you that I am going to launch a book on the "detoxifying power of fruits and vegetables" and that, because I am you, I am going to send you a free chapter so that be the first to read it.

You're almost there. Obviously then you would get the promised chapter and, at the end of the sequence, the notice of the launch of my book with the links to its purchase.

And why do they call them Funnels?

Funnel in English means funnel (not tunnel!) It's a free international online business via email sequens. And, if you think about it, it makes all the logic. The funnel has a very wide mouth at the beginning and tapers until it ends narrow. In the sequences it is the same.

Many people enter your website, of it only a few leave their data (we narrowed), of those many unsubscribe or do not open an email again (we narrowed more) and many are never interested in fruits or in vegetables.

But the greatness is that we manage to personalize to the maximum because, those who really show an interest, will receive exactly what they need and, in an ideal scenario, they would end up buying.

And we talked about it before but, logically, the more people enter the mouth of the funnel, the more people will reach the end because the probability increases.If you are curious to know which platform I use, you can take a look at Drip. I can't be happier!

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