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Webtoon Genres

Webtoon is an app and website that hosts a variety of webcomics. The comics are scrolled down in a format similar to anime, with various genres from romance to action to sci-fi and drama. Some of these comics have even been adapted into anime series and television shows, including Tower of God, Cheese in the Trap, and Lore Olympus, which may soon be adapted into an animated series by the Jim Henson Company.


There are many examples of webtoons that fall under the Horror genre, but what makes them stand out? They're usually short, continuing the same plot over several episodes. Horror webtoons are more psychological than thrillers but also have a powerful Karma theme. Depending on the author's preference, these stories are both gruesome and humorous. But if you want something different from the norm, consider making your own.

Another horror webtoon Xyz genre is the Supernatural Girl, a popular Korean horror webcomic recently reborn as a virtual playground on Zepeto. It's an excellent example of the combination of an exotic supernatural element with a relatable protagonist. It's not just a story about a monster but also illustrates the horrors of being stalked and the destruction of life through an intriguing and disturbing art style.

Slice of life

In the Western world, the slice-of-life genre overlaps with Lit Fic and other genres such as horror and sci-fi. Slice of life webtoons focus on real people's day-to-day lives, emotions, and motivations. The slice of lifestyle does not necessarily imply elitism or intellectual snobbery. It is also not usually characterized by Downer Endings.

One slice of life webtoon genre is the yuri romance. In this genre, characters fall in and out of love and try to hide their identities. The plot revolves around the experiences of two young lesbians, Mari Baek and Jaemin, as they try to get along with their classmates. The slice-of-life webtoons are often sweet but can also be dark and disturbing.


Comedy in Webtoons is a growing market, and the sub-segment is projected to be the leading segment over the next five years. This trend is attributed to the increasing number of people who turn to these cartoons for comic relief. Technological advancements have also improved the quality of comic webtoons. By 2030, the sub-segment is expected to register a robust growth rate.

The best comedy webtoons are based on the classic works of Shakespeare. The most popular Webtoon is "Everywhere & Nowhere." The two best friends, Anne Guildenstern and William Rosencrantz go back and forth in time, where they experience various events and adventures. The first stop on their time travel adventure is an invasion and the ultimate triumph of love. In this Webtoon, they must learn to overcome these obstacles and save their friends and worlds.


The action webtoon genre covers much of the plot of a webtoon. The fights are character-specific, with each character having a unique skill set and dynamic. There's an intense sense of tension that builds before each fight. All scenes are well-drawn, with clear and concise dialogue. Despite the genre's rapid pace, it is still a binge-worthy experience. We'll explore a few examples below.

Girls of the Wild: The action webtoon was released in Korea in August 2011 and officially made its debut in the English version in September 2020. It has a nine-star rating on Naver Webtoon and has almost 1 million followers. It has a very compelling plot and a strong emphasis on artistry, making it a favorite of viewers. Its short duration, and incredible artistry have also earned it a place among the top action webtoons.

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