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How Are Web Radios Better Than Analog Radios?

web radio

Since the advent of electronic communication, radio has been considered as a significant part of our lives. Whether we are doing home chores, stuck in traffic jams, or even at work, listening to the radio is a norm. It's interesting to know that we like to hear our favorite presenters and shows. The other technologies like TV, the convenience of radio still holds up.

We all know that the maturity of the Internet saw the fall of many technologies such as cable television and even some decline in voice phone calls. Still, if we talk about radio, it was elementary to use the new platform. Just like cable television, many people still love to enjoy listening to radio stations.

We all know that radio has been analog since the days of Marconi but in the last few years' digital radios with its many benefits as becoming available to the commercial radio user. However, analog radio still has a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Analog communication technology is cheaper to run and maintain than digital communications. However, the price differential with digital is likely to disappear soon.
  • New analog radios are inter-operable with old equipment. 
  • It is fascinating to know that analog radios are considered better suited for full area applications—the areas where the user may be moving in and out of coverage.
  • The audio quality of analog is more natural with less robotic sounding.
  • Furthermore, there is no Latency with analog radios. It is essential to know that latency is the delay of a fraction of a second that is caused by the analog to digital and then back to analog conversion.

Web radios

On the other hand, web radios are known as more advanced because it uses the Internet as a medium which makes worldwide coverage. The principle behind how web radio works are fairly straightforward and are similar to everything on the web. Let's check it out in a little more detail!

Worldwide coverage

Unlike broadcast radio, web radio makes global coverage easily. Once the communication is being streamed through an individual IP address, it is directly linked to a domain name, and anyone with the domain name can listen to the radio globally.

More ways to monetize content

If you are going to host the radio on a web page, it will become better for advertisement. Alongside the traditional radio adverts and obvious ones can also be placed on the web page. It also targets the individual that visits the station online and ends up in more revenue.

More engaging

It is fascinating to know that live chat groups can also be created along with the advertisement. Web radios are making it very easy for people to start conversations by creating a thriving community.

Better audio quality

With the Internet, the strength of radio signals determines how clear a message is. However, the recipient will always receive high-quality audio.

No interference

It is essential to know that the frequencies that are used by broadcast radio such as FM and AM are congested. Moreover, these frequencies are very easy to highjack. However, Internet radio had overcome this, mainly because every communication gets a unique IP address.

No need for an aerial / antenna

Now a day, no one likes to have an aerial or antenna to deal with. Internet or web radio has solved this problem too. All you have to do is to connect to your WiFi or if the device allows in from your router. That’s all, there is no messy wire or walking around aimlessly trying to pick up a station.

Updates automatically

It’s rare to find the case with FM stations, but you need to return DAB radios every so often. The reason is because of there being more stations added to the broadcasting network. It's great to have even more stations than ever. Furthermore, updates can sometimes happen without any prior notice.

However, internet radios don’t suffer the same fate and no specific signal or frequency to correspond. Moreover, there is no need to grab the manual and decipher it.

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