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Web Design Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Web Design Tips

The average human attention span is very short. As a matter of fact, it’s about 8 seconds long. That’s how little time you have to capture your visitors’ attention and make them want to stay on your website. Some of the leading most successful web developers have been implementing certain web design elements exactly for this reason. A well-developed web design can truly make a difference when attracting visitors and can increase the conversion rate before you even know it. Here is how web design can help you achieve that.

Make Your Web Design Responsive

Firstly, it’s important to keep in mind that users visit websites on more than just one device now. They no longer use only their PCs or computers, but rather their phones and tablets as well. In fact, back in 2017 statistics show that mobile traffic occupied the total global traffic by 52.64%. This shows how important it is for your website to be responsive if you want to attract and maintain a large audience.

If the web design is not done properly, accessing a website via phone or tablet can be unnecessarily annoying. Since many people use their phones to visit websites, your goal should be to create a website that will be easy to navigate on all devices, especially phones. Your visitors should be able to get around the website, find all of the pages they’re looking for and just overall navigate the website easily without any loading issues. The next time you hire a web designing company or a web developer make sure to ask them to create a responsive website.

Use Faces

Using faces on your website will actually help you grab the users’ attention. Not only do they convey emotions but they also make the users empathise and connect with the website more easily. If you mirror the feelings of users with images of people that will make your page more relatable and help your visitors form a connection with your company.

However, you must pick photos carefully. You can’t just throw in the first stock photos you find online and get the job done. The best way to connect with your customers is to show the faces of happy and satisfied employees and loyal customers (that implies that you need to get their consent to use their images). Seeing the staff who works for the company will help people form connections with the company through people who work there and not just feel like they’re communicating with a computer. In the same way, seeing other happy customers will make them feel appreciated and seen.

Testimonials and Reviews

The best way for you to boost your credibility and create a strong and trusting bond with your customers is to allow testimonials and reviews on your website.

We, humans, tend to seek other people’s opinions and experiences when trying out new things. With that in mind, testimonials and reviews give people exactly that. So, make sure your webpage has an easily visible space where people can leave comments and reviews. Not only do you let people express themselves this way, but you also show that you are willing to take constructive criticism and want to listen to your customers.

Web Design Responsive

Call to Action Button

Call to action button might be a cruel feature of the website but this is how you communicate with your users. That is why you need to make it as inviting and welcoming as possible. First of all, it should be clearly visible on the page. The colour and position also play a big role. So, make sure to pay attention to how the web developer designs this feature.

Content Placement

The next important element is content placement.

We, humans, are visual beings and like to follow certain visual patterns. So it’s important how you arrange the layout and all of the features on your website.

The users read from the top left side and then they slowly move to the right. This is the so-called “F pattern”. This shows that the top left side of the page gets most of the attention. Then, as the user keeps reading and “scanning” the page, the attention slowly starts to decrease towards the bottom section of the page. However, if you insert an image in between the text, the attention is once again renewed. This creates the so-called “Z pattern”.

In addition to that, you can use the rule of thirds for content placement. You probably saw how the camera grid works. It divides the screen into nine squares to guide the photographer. So try to arrange the elements and content on your site in a similar way.

Unique Selling Point

To make your website stand out from all the other ones, you need to have a unique selling point. That one-of-a-kind design will separate you from your competition and draw more people in. Use that to your advantage.

Keep it Simple

Less really is more sometimes. This sort of minimalistic approach has been gaining more popularity in Australia and it can be easily applied to any web design layout. As much as it is fun to add many cool features and make your web homepage pop, having too much on your site can actually make the site look cheap and unprofessional. Many web design companies in Sydney have been incorporating more of a minimalistic approach for this very reason. First of all, it makes the page look more professional, and secondly, keeping it simple with the webpage will make it easier for people to navigate and use your site and that’s the ultimate goal.

Utilize the White Space/Negative Space

White space is often referred to as negative space actually has a positive impact on the users.

This vacant area of the page includes space between the sidebars and content, paragraphs, header, and so on. These spaces actually make your page look neat and organised. That is why you need to use a well-thought-out combination of positive and negative space together to form a coherent and cohesive webpage.


Overall, to improve your conversion rate, you need to create an inviting webpage that is easy to use and aesthetic to the eye. That means creating an easily accessible and user-friendly page, creating a unique selling point, keeping it simple, allowing people to express themselves, arranging your content wisely, and making a responsive website.

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