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8 Examples of Ways You Can
Use Popular Name Searches

Use Popular Name Searches

If you look up a background check company, it might interest you to know they also provide other services. For instance, you can use their popular name search feature.

We’ll talk about that feature in the following article. We’ll also go over some practical ways that you can use it.

What Precisely is a Popular Name Search Feature?

A popular name search uses the most advanced technology to see how many people searched for a name during a designated period. You can specify whether you want to know how many individuals or entities looked for a particular name during a single day, or you might choose a week, month, or year.

You can find several background check companies that offer this technology since people request this service now more than ever. Let’s talk about some possible uses for it.

You Can See if You’re Becoming Popular as an Influencer

popular name search can help you if you’re an influencer and want to see if you’re gaining traction within a particular niche. Influencers need to become as popular as possible, usually on social media. You might choose a platform like Twitch if you’re a gamer and you’re giving out gaming advice as you play.

You might use TikTok and give out fashion advice. Maybe you’re a musician, and you play instruments or show off your DJ skills. You might give out sports advice or talk about politics.

Whatever platform and niche you choose, you can get rich as an influencer if you can generate a large enough following. You can use social media metrics such as likes, follows, and comments to see whether you’re catching on with a particular crowd. You can also use a popular name search, though.

If you see when you do a popular name search that more people want to know about you, that’s great news. You’re gaining the traction you want, and you’ll likely start getting endorsement deals with companies sooner rather than later.

You Can Find Out Whether a Company Looked for You

You might also use this feature to determine whether a business to which you applied for a job looked you up. If you go on a job hunt and apply to several different companies, you might generate interest with several of them. Maybe you have a skill set that makes you highly in demand.

You can use a popular name search feature to see that many companies or individuals looked for you recently. You can’t know for sure that the businesses to which you applied looked for you, but you can put two and two together.

If you see a lot of activity around your name right at the same time you applied for multiple jobs or went to several interviews, that’s ideal. You should see a job offer pretty soon, and you might even have several offers and get to choose between them.

On the other hand, if you applied to several jobs and there’s no activity around your name when you search for it, you may have to change your strategy. You can beef up your resume or try to brush up on your interview skills.

You Can Find Out if You Have a Popular Name

You might love your name, or you may not like it very much. You don’t get to choose it unless you officially get your name changed. Usually, you can thank your parents for your birth name.

Maybe you want to know if you have a popular name or not. You can go back to your birth year and search for your name to see if you have a common or an uncommon one.

You might find out that you have a very unique name, or maybe you’ll see that many parents named their child something similar in that year. Either way, you’ll know that you can keep the name if you like it, or you can always legally change it if you don’t care for it.

Maybe you don’t get along with your family, and you feel so strongly about your name that you want to go with a new one. That might be the best thing for you in some instances. You can give yourself a fresh identity and start over as a different person with an entirely new moniker.

You Can Find Baby Names

Maybe you’re an expectant parent who is about to welcome a child into the world very soon. You can always buy baby books to get some name ideas, or you can ask your family or friends for help. You might Google some of the most popular baby name lists.

However, you can also use a popular name search to come up with some name ideas. If you see what names people looked for recently, you might get some ones you didn’t have before.

As you scour the popular names, you may find the perfect one that didn’t occur to you yet. If you’re going to co-parent, you might propose a name you find to your partner or spouse. If they like it, you can try it on for size by saying it and talking about it for a while before the baby arrives.

You Can Learn About Stories from the Past

You might know someone who likes to tell stories about the past. Maybe you have some favorite uncle who tells tall tales, or you have a friend who claims they did something on a certain date.

You can use a popular name search to see trending names from a particular date. You can find out about a story’s validity this way.

If you see some name mentions connected to a specific date or a more general timeframe, that might establish a story’s credibility or not. However, maybe you’ll choose not to go this route. You may like a story more if you can’t ever prove or disprove it.

You Can Find Out About Your Family History

Some people don’t know all that much about their family’s history. Maybe you did not grow up with direct blood relations. Now that you’re older, you want to know about your past.

You can look up a parent’s name or some other relative’s name. You can see that name connected to certain dates and locations.

That can give you clues regarding where this person spent time, and when. If you no longer talk to them, or they’re deceased, so you can’t ask them directly, you can do a little detective work this way. You might start down a road to learning about them by searching for their name and seeing where the rabbit hole takes you.

You Can Find Out Whether an Ex Looked for You Recently

You might get out of a relationship and know you never want to see that person again. Perhaps you and this individual married each other, and that was a mistake. You learn as time passes that you’re not compatible.

Perhaps they’re even physically or emotionally abusive. Things like that can happen, and if you’re in that type of environment, you need to do all you can to get out.

If you sever ties with them, you hope it’s permanent, and you never see or hear from them again. You might even get a restraining order to try and keep them away from you.

If you use a popular name search and see that someone looked you up, though, you know you’re potentially in some trouble again. Maybe this person wants to track you down, and this is how that starts.

You can use a trending name search as a warning sign that you need to watch your back. You’d hope this person does not reappear, but your trending might indicate they’re on your trail again.

You Can Check Your Popularity as a Professional

Maybe you’re trying to establish yourself as an actor, musician, comedian, professional athlete, or something along those lines. You want to boost your popularity because you know money will come with notoriety.

You can look up your name and see whether you’re trending or you trended recently. If you did something that you feel will get your name out there, you would hope to see a spike next to your name on a particular date.

For instance, you might want to see a name spike if you’re a college football player trying to attract some team interest right before the draft. Maybe you’re a comedian, and you just did an amazing set. Your name trending could mean a network will offer you a sitcom soon, or you have agents who want to represent you.

You might even use this service as an aspiring politician who wants the national media to notice you. If you’re getting into a profession where you need popularity to succeed, you can use this tool. You will find that seeing how many people looked for you can tell you a lot about how the public perceives you.

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