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5 Ways to Promote YouTube Channel
Through TikTok

Video-sharing platforms are not a new concept, however, the YouTube monopoly is gradually coming to an end with the rise of trending video-sharing platforms like TikTok. Although YouTube still has the upper hand in terms of educational content, it has become a challenge to gain more likes on your Tiktok videos with so many options available. But you don’t necessarily need to buy YouTube subscribers to drive engagement, you can still maximize YouTube potential organically. Instead of viewing TikTok as a rival platform, here are 5 ways to leverage TikTok to promote your YouTube channel!


If you want to gain more views on your YouTube videos through TikTok, you need to give your TikTok audience a reason to check out your YouTube. If your audience doesn’t get a taste of what they can expect from your YouTube content, they’ll never know what they are missing out on. To light up that excitement and redirect TikTok traffic to your YouTube, post snippets and teasers of your YouTube highlights on TikTok. If you think that a particular tuning of your song is catchy or you have got a celebrity appearance in your video, give a sneak peek of it on TikTok. Since TikTok is known for its short clips, you can intrigue your audience and maintain the mystery factor. Here’s a pro tip for you to make the most out of this advice: Since TikTok videos are viewed vertically, reshuffle the layout of your video before you post on TikTok. 


Here’s a fact, most users scroll through TikTok in their leisure and lazy time. And even if someone makes a mental note to check out your YouTube video later, it will probably slip out of their mind. So, to make sure that your TikTok audience takes immediate action, make the task easier for them by always inserting a CTA. CTA is considered one of the most reliable sources of conversions on social media, so don’t underestimate its usage if you want to gain more views on your YouTube videos through your TikTok audience. You can simply add a direct and compelling CTA in your caption, place it at the end of your video or speak it out loud towards the end. A simple “Link in Bio” or “full video on my YouTube channel” would suffice. 


To grow your audience, you need to ensure that your existing audience feels valuable and sticks with you. Introducing incentives like special mentions and shoutouts is a great way to keep your existing audience entertained and interested. Since TikTok offers many collaborative features such as duets, you can ask your fans to re-create your videos and add their personal flair to them. This can make your audience feel involved and strengthen your bonding. Now to correlate this with YouTube to gain more views on your YouTube videos, you can feature a compilation of user-generated content on YouTube. Let your fans know that they’re being re-casted to redirect traffic on your YouTube channel. Creators who are seeking fame may not only check out your video but also share your YouTube channels with their friends to watch their features. Another great way to make it big on YouTube is by initiating challenges on TikTok. An example to take inspiration from is Lil Naz. He first gained fame on TikTok through his song “Old Town Road”, converted it into the YeeHaw challenge, and went viral on all platforms.


Although TikTok and YouTube greatly differ from one another in terms of content, you can still use TikTok to build and understand your community better. To gain more views on your YouTube videos, you need to get a hands-on idea of what your audience can enjoy watching. Before putting effort into filming a video and airing it out on your YouTube, you can use TikTok as a test run platform for all your content. Because it’s easier and makes more sense to post multiple times a day on TikTok, you can see what kind of content is performing best in terms of engagement. You can transfer similar features of your videos to your YouTube and create content for Youtube. Building upon your viral TikTok content can help in shooting up your YouTube views with having to buy real and active YouTube views or likes. 


Linking out your YouTube channel or latest video is probably the most obvious and underrated way to gain more views on your YouTube videos. Cross-promoting your YouTube on TikTok can help you expand your audience and gain a wider reach. This is because your existing or new audience can be aware of your channel and easily check it out through the link provided. So to gain more exposure to your YouTube videos, simply head over to the Edit Profile section on your TikTok and copy-paste your YouTube link. Once you’re done with this, you can remind your viewer’s about it through a compelling CTA, as we discussed above.


With TikTok growing at a lightning speed, we hope these tips help you utilize the platform to your advantage. Other than these tips, you can always buy real and active Tiktok followers or run Tiktok ads to skyrocket engagements. But migrating your existing community to YouTube is probably one of the smartest tricks in the social media marketing playbook!

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