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The Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Social Media

The Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Social Media

Making money isn’t as difficult as it was a decade ago. People have now got multiple ways such as social media. Many Instagrammers are earning from Instagram for the long term. Mostly these Instagrammers earn a handsome amount with their posts and videos. People think that only users with a lot of followers can earn from Instagram but we would like you to know that this is a myth as nowadays, many micro-influencers are earning a lot from social media.

In this article, we will guide you with ways as to how you can earn with your social media activity. We are sure that with this article you will have a deeper understanding of how and from where can you earn through social media.

1) Promote brands with affiliate programs

A great way to monetize through social media is to follow and promote brands that you love by linking them with affiliate programs. In most cases, brands conduct affiliate programs that are accessible through affiliate networks. Brands such as fortune Jacket had started their campaign to promote their product Ranboo Letterman Jacket.

This tactic has worked wonders for them. Their affiliate programs have been very successful. You can promote your brands through multiple means with several different affiliates networks. Through these means, you can earn more easily with more earnings. Many people earn through this method as they include brands in their vlogs or videos and promote the brand in their own creative way. This method becomes beneficial for both parties.

2) Find brands to partner directly

A classical way of making money through social media is directly partnering with brands. In modern times this seems like the way to earn money. Influencers of all ages are opting for this technique as many young influencers have started promoting their videos through the means of their acts like many comedians have included the promotion of brands through their comedy skits.

An example of this is Julie Nolke as she has a good system for promoting brands in her videos without annoying the audience in any way. This form of advertisement has risen in the past few months as multiple users have opted for the path similar to Julie and have made these brands a part of their videos with a regular occurrence.

3) Build a paid partnership

Building a strong partnership is an important part of any business and social media isn’t different. Making money through exclusive content is one of the most popular ways today. The content is only accessible to followers that pay a monthly subscription through monthly membership platforms.

Many platforms such as Patreon have taken the world by storm as they have acquired this method. They are seen as the emerging candidate through this phenomenon. Similarly to this, applications like Youtube and Twitch have launched these features to compete in this market. You can find multiple examples all through towards Patreon. Many users are earning this way by building paid partnerships with multiple brands. This case becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

4) Launch a sponsored video series

Instead of partnering with brands for a single sponsored post, you can get brands to sponsor a whole series of videos. Youtubers and bloggers get companies to sponsor the whole series of videos relating to one thing. For example, many people across the platform have made companies sponsor their whole travel experience vlogs. In recent months we have seen that many companies have opted for this strategy as they prefer to sponsor a whole series rather than one video. This strategy has proved fruitful for both parties. According to Mediakix’s multiple sources, the average cost per 1000 impressions (CPM) for each social media platform is the following:

  • Instagram: $5-10
  • YouTube: $15-30
  • Snapchat: $30-50
  • Facebook: $4-8

So you could see how people have changed their approach in recent times. This method is one of the most promising methods in today’s day and age.

5) Sell your Merchandise

Selling your merchandise is one of the most creative ideas on this list. Through this method, you will be able to run your own business through the means of social media. This method is very simple as many websites such as teemill and teespring provide their customers with opportunities to execute their ideas into action. You will just need to upload your designs and they will take care of the rest by printing shirts with your designs and directly selling it to the customers. Many entrepreneurs have acquired this method and now are stabled within this industry.

Now that you know how to earn from social media you can opt to try them. We encourage you to try all the methods as any one of the methods can prove to be fruitful for you. We hope we have been a great help to you in your cause.

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