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Ways to Increase Live Stream Viewers

Live streaming refers to online streaming media in which the content is recorded and broadcasted simultaneously in real-time. Anyone can stream live on social media platforms if they have a good number of viewers. If you find difficulty in gaining viewers, then StreamUpgrade will assist in attracting the targeted audience. Streaming ensures delivering the video on time, and the person doesn’t need to download the whole file. But yes, a person can playback the video.

The person who is streaming doesn’t need to record, edit, and store the video. You may have seen people streaming live in TV broadcasting, Gaming, Social media, etc. But the live streaming will be worthless if you don’t have a good number of viewers. Therefore, you need to work on your actions and strategies to gain viewers. 

Purpose of Live Streaming

1. Used for business purposes

Several businesses need live or on-demand videos for their organization’s development. The company accomplishes several works like live discussion, digital conferences, hosting online webinars or events, product releases, etc., by streaming live.

2. Income source

If a person is getting a considerable number of views, he can generate income by accepting contracts, bringing traffic to the website, promoting the brand, etc. 

3. Fundraising

The person who is streaming will be accessible to a large audience in real-time. He/she can raise funds for charity by encouraging and motivating people.

How To Grow Viewers?

Following are the ways with which you attract your viewers to look into your content:-

1. Promotion

Your audience should be excited and wait for your content. Therefore, you need to spread the update about the upcoming live video in a creative manner that can raise the excitement. You can start by posting on social media handles, creating blogs, etc. Using hashtags will encourage your follower to support your content with their post.

2. Giving a suitable title to your video

Give a truthful title and description to your video. An exhilarating title decides whether your audience wants to see your video or not. Your tile should be precise and easy to understand with 50-60 characters. You can add keywords to your description.

3. Gifts for viewers

People love to get rewarded. You can raise the interest of viewers by announcing reward distribution. Your audience will try to grab the opportunity of getting rewarded just by watching your live streaming. You can put any condition for your viewers to win the reward. Giveaways and raffles will be a good option as a reward.

4. Stream for a long time

It’s upon you for how much time you will stream live. Some people will join your live stream for 6-5 minutes, while few will spend a long time in your stream. The total number of views will be countable even if the viewer decamps from your video. The important thing that matters here is how much time is spent by the viewer in your live stream. A longer video will have more chances to get new people to join your stream.

5. Optimize your video

You need to find good keywords for the title and description to gain views. Host your content on your website for Search engine optimization (SEO). Start the conversation with your audience while streaming so that more people will interact with you.


While live streaming, you will be sharing visual content on the internet that is likely to be shared more on different platforms. Also, live streaming is found beneficial in business development Shoppers are more influenced through live streaming to purchase. But your viewers matter a lot while streaming live for better engagement and interaction. 

No other marketing strategy could match the effectiveness of streaming live. One can earn easy income from streaming by charging an audience, paid product reviews, selling the whole live stream, etc.

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