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5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Boost Sales

In 2020, we all have seen how the Internet is one of the most vicious and powerful platforms to sell your product nowadays. There are billions and millions of people searching the internet every day, every hour, looking for products and services on many different portals like websites, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc. Online shopping is increasing by each millisecond every day and we fail to comprehend it. It is popular more because of its added benefits of being an easier and convenient way to buy products and you can buy it any time during the day!

Due to the current situation and the pandemic, buyer’s behavior and decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years and especially in 2020. People are shopping online which has increased sales 50% more. Consumers tend to research online before even considering to speak to a salesperson and buying it. This is also done by comparing the product and its information on different domains. Buyers also prefer and make purchases directly online through their smartphone which allows them to never step foot into their car and drive to a store. 

Now that we’ve learned how our consumer behavior has changed over the span of years, let’s see what you can actually do with it. Ecommerce is something that is evaluated after our consumer behavior study. It is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce which discusses the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet and online platforms. It can also designate any kind of profitable transaction that is enabled through the internet hence Ecommerce sales is one of the main ways to make sure your business stays afloat and thrives and to help you with this, let’s discuss the top 5 effective ways to boost your eCommerce sales. 

1. Check Out: 

One of the main things you need to worry about with Ecommerce sales is that your check out is simple and smooth. It will be a shame to lose a customer who comes all this way! Make sure you ask for basic information so it doesn’t get too confusing. The first you can do is give various payment options! To help your sales go smoothly and avoid annoying the customer. You need to keep the information form, billing, and shipping to the point with maximum payment options in the end! Your business should take more than credit cards. Like Google Wallet payments, ApplePay, Visa, WePay, and COD? With this, you’re making it easier to get money out of them. One way to reduce cart abandonment is by automatic checkout. For instance, if you go to buy a 16 Piece Dinnerware Set from Crate and Barrel, their shipping cost and method are added automatically according to the product. Save information for next time will also help reduce the time and effort of the customer making them a loyal customer for you.

2. Digital Marketing: 

Without a blog and website, have you ever thought about how to attract maximum traffic? Digital marketing not only grabs potential customers for you but also makes their purchasing easier. Once you enter the world of online business, you’ll see various bundles, discounts, and added benefits on the same product on different domains. You need your online business and product to stand out! Hence, you’ll a proper social media handler and graphic content to actually get yourself out there and in the eyes of people. Sponsorships and giveaways, collaborations to contests. You’d have to be consistent in uploading and replying to your consumers. A video demonstration is one of the many forms of attracting customers to your product. Nowadays people actually prefer to watch videos on reviews and instructions rather than reading them. Digital marketing can also be done through boosts on different platforms which help you target your audience more smartly. 

3. Sell Your Best Product: 

Every business has some products that stand out more than others. There are different people out there with various preferences however, there are usually one or two products that are your specialty. If you want to boost your eCommerce sales, you need to focus on your top-selling product and maximize it. You can go this by highlighting it on different platforms and especially making it a cover on your website. This ensures people that they don’t want to miss out on this. Moreover, you are selling people what they most likely should buy an intriguing them by showing how other people have enjoyed a certain product in the past. This can also be done by adding a "number of the item left” with the description of the particular product, this makes the customer want to act quickly and thus increasing your sales. 

4. Customer Service: 

While online shopping is easier and convenient, it is also very risky. You need to build a relationship with your customer online by live chat support, or reviews and comment box that takes care of their every query a salesman in a shop would physically do. Virtual experiences are different when shopping as you can’t see or feel the product hence it’s a gamble especially if you are trying a new brand. You need to ensure that the needs and worries of your customer are taken care of. Your email and number should be active as it’s not only used for information but returns, etc. 

5. Security: 

You need to ensure that your website is a safe place for customers to shop at. No one really reads the privacy policy hence, your security and virus-free icons must be visible. Cybersecurity is a safety concern for everyone as data breaches have increased over the past years which is why people prefer cash on delivery rather than adding in their card details online. You can do this by showing your security badges on your website, show high profile partnerships on your website that show a bond of trust, and proof from your clients that they have been accommodated well which will ensure trust in your brand and website. 

Arslan Haider

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

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